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Chengkou District

Chengkou County is situated at the junction of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Chongqing provinces/cities. It is located in the northeastern edge of Chongqing City. Its east longitude is 108°15′12″ to 109°16′44″ and north latitude is 31°38′39″ to 32°12′11″. It is bordered by Zhenping County, Pingli County, Langao County and Ziyang County of Shaanxi Province in the northeast Dynasty; It is adjacent to Wuxi County, Kaixian County and Xuanhan County in Sichuan Province in the South and Wanyuan City in Sichuan Province in the west.The County covers an area of 3289.1 square kilometers elevation of 760 meters above sea level. County jurisdiction of 2 streets (Gecheng Street, Fuxing Street) 10 towns (Gaoyan Town, Bashan Town, Pingba Town, Xiuqi Town, Miaoba Town, Mingtong Town, Gaoguan Town, Gaonan Town, Xianyi Town, Dongan Town) 13 townships (Polygonum Township, Zuolan Township, Beiping Township, Shuanghe Township, Yanhe Township, Houping Township, Zhiping Township, Lantian Township, Zhouxi Township, Heyu Township, Mingzhong Township, Longtian Township, Jiming Township).

Chengkou, located at the southern foot of Daba Mountain, belongs to the southern margin of the Daba Mountain arc fault-fold belt. It consists of a series of northwest-east trending echelon folds and thrust faults. Compact folds and dense faults. The strike of the strata is NW to SE and protrudes toward the South arc. There are 7 strata of Quaternary, Triassic, Permian, Silurian, Ordovician, Cambrian and Sinian, 37 formations and groups. The latest stratum is the new alluvium of Quaternary, and the oldest stratum is the Nantuo Formation or Yuelinghe Group of Sinian. Cambrian stratum is the most widely distributed area, followed by Triassic stratum.

Chengkou has a long history, situated at the junction of Sichuan, Shaanxi, Hubei and Chongqing provinces /cities, adhering to the Ba-Shu cultural tradition, influenced by the Sanqin culture and ChuTian culture, gradually formed its own style. Chengkou folk culture is colorful, rich in local flavor, distinctive local characteristics, widely spread among the people, has become an indispensable part of Chengkou people's leisure and entertainment and mass cultural activities. Folk songs, folk tales, flower drums, lion dance, Qiangun dance, boat dance, Gong and drum dance, filial piety song and so on are the most widely used.

Chengkou's folk songs have distinct characteristics, melodies are tactful and changeable, high-pitched, easy to top-grade and beautiful. Including labor song, etiquette song, life song, love song, especially "Shangqi Song" and "Tea Picking Song".

There are many kinds of folktales in Chengkou, including folk songs, proverbs, myths, jokes and revolutionary stories of the Red Army. According to the local stories, most of them have evolved gradually through the processing of myths through real people, real events and real things, forming a unique folk culture. It fully reflects the working people's love for life, punishment for evil and promotion of good, the arduous revolution of the Red Army and the hard and hard life of the Chengkou people.

The flower drums in Chengkou are mainly influenced by Southern Shaanxi. They have slightly different dancing postures and melodies, different costumes, wide spread before the Cultural Revolution, discontinued the Cultural Revolution and gradually became active after the reform and opening up.

The color boat dance also calls for car lights, mostly for wedding, important festivals, birthday celebrations and other festivals. Generally composed of 4-7 people, a car core, two (four) top workers, a lead, the lead mainly plays a guiding role, the lead workers as supporting roles, with gongs and drums and clear singing, mainly by the core and lead singing, the rest of the people with (chorus) singing. Colorful boat dancing should have the taste of rowing when playing. The lyrics are usually composed of four sentences and four to eight sections. There is a chorus between each section. The melody is graceful and elegant, the rhyme is clear and beautiful.

The gongs and drums in Chengkou are composed of drums, gongs, bowls and gongs. Generally, they are composed of four people and three people. There are many introductions to gongs and drums. They can be roughly divided into marriage, funeral, and grass gongs and drums. They have bright melody, clear rhythm, loud voice and warm mood.

Filial piety song is a special way for people in Chengkou to express their mourning at funerals. Filial piety song is composed of gongs and drums. It has a fixed style. It can be divided into welcoming guests, mourning, returning to the sun, funeral and other festivals. The tune is transferred with sadness and crying. The lyrics can be compiled by the singer, namely sex, and the rhythm is appropriate.

In 2017, the GDP of the region reached 4.879 billion yuan, an increase of 5% over the same period last year. Facing the increasingly tight constraints of the ecological environment, a number of planned projects failed to put into construction, coupled with frequent heavy rains, seriously affecting the progress of key projects, investment declined seriously, and once there was a negative growth. With the approval of the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress, the growth rate of fixed assets investment plan was adjusted from 12% to 8%. We adopted the project commander responsibility system, strengthened the overall planning and scheduling of key projects, coordinated the resolution of contradictions and problems in the project promotion, and achieved a return of fixed assets investment, reaching 7.112 billion yuan, an increase of 8.8% over the same period last year. Faced with small and low consumption market, large outflow of middle and high-end consumption, serious shortage of external consumption, the total retail sales of social consumer goods lag far behind the expected target at the beginning of this year, but we actively cultivate various professional markets, innovate ways to stimulate concentrated consumption and attract foreign consumption, and the total retail sales of social consumer goods reach 1.52 billion yuan, an increase of 6.5% over the same period of last year.

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