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Liangping District

Liangping is located in the northeastern part of Chongqing, covering an area of 1892 square kilometers. It covers 33 townships (streets), 268 villages and 75 communities with a total population of 930,000. It is a national sustainable development experimental area, a national ecological civilization pilot demonstration area, a national circular economy demonstration area and a national rural reform experimental area.

It has a long history and profound humanities. Liang Ping was called Liangshan in the past. In the second year of the Xi Wei Dynasty (553 A.D.)while Emperor Yuanqin in office, Liang Ping was renamed after"there is a flat dam under the Gaoliang Mountain" in 1952. There are natural and humanistic landscapes such as Shuangguitang of Southwest Buddhism Zen, Baili Zhuhai,Top 5 of the national bamboo forest; 1000-year-old Yidao, Shudao Nan-Bailadder, and Wenfeng Pagoda, the second tallest stone pagoda in China. Liangping Military Airport is the first battle airport of the Feihu Fleet during World War II and the air defense line of the Greater Southwest. Liangping bamboo curtain, Liangshan lantern opera, Liangping wood engraving New Year pictures, Liangping drum, Liang Ping Taierdiao ,totally  five national non-heritage projects ,therefore it was called "the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art".

Rich resources and superior geographic location. Liangping Bazi, the first Big flat dam in Bayu, is known as "Xiaotianfu" for its beautiful reputation of "Four-sided surrounded by mountains, Fish and Rice Township in East Shu, most households planted bamboo and abundant Pomelo Flower can be seen in whole district ". Lu You's poem praised that "the people of Duliang get what they planted for." Liang Ping is the "home of famous Chinese pomelo" and "home of Shouzhu(bamboo) in China". He has a hundred-year-old delicacy Zhang Yazi, a traditional dish in Bayu and Chongqing. He has explored the reserves of natural gas (shale gas) of 270 billion cubic meters.Liang Ping has been an important land road for transportation from north to South and from east to West since ancient times. It is 180 kilometers away from the main city of Chongqing and half an hour's drive to Wanzhou Airport, Wanzhou Port and Zhongxian Port. The Da-Wanzhou High-speed Railway, Dazhou-Wanzhou Railway, Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway, Zhangjiajie-Nanchong Expressway, G318 National Expressway and G243 National Expressway intersect in the district.

Liangpi has healthy development and solid foundation . Adhere to ecological priority and green development. We will vigorously cultivate industrial clusters featuring integrated circuits, eco-plastics, intelligent manufacturing and green food processing. They are the national high-tech industrial base for power semiconductor sealing and testing, and the plastic Ecological Industrial Park in Western China. We are making every effort to establish national high-tech industrial development zones and accelerate new industrialization. We will actively create national health zones, National Forest cities and national ecological garden cities, and accelerate new urbanization. Developing special benefit agriculture such as Liangping pomelo, ecological fish (loach, eel), high-quality food and vegetable according to local conditions, adhering to the integration of agriculture, tourism, culture and tourism, and striving to create a national modern agricultural demonstration area.

There are plenty of resources and kind people, and the folkways are simple. Liang Ping stresses benevolence, integrity, justice and the rule of law, and has been a "land of civilized etiquette" since ancient times. Liang Ping's people are hard-working and kind-hearted, which fosters the spirit of "benevolence, virtue, courtesy, tolerance, pragmatic, innovative and strong". It has fostered outstanding models of grass-roots cadres in the new situation and excellent models of Communists in the new era, Deng Pingshou, the "double hundred" figures in the whole country, and Yang Liwei, the "first man set foot into space in China".

In 2018, the total GDP of the region reached 33.1 billion yuan, and the per capita GDP of the region reached 50,700 yuan, an average increase of 9.6% over the same period last year (the same below); the investment in fixed assets increased by 10.5%; the general public budget income reached 2.09 billion yuan, an increase of 1.1%; the added value of industry increased by 6.9%; the added value of manufacturing industry accounted for 33.5% of the total GDP of the region; and the total labor productivity of industries above the scale reached 300,000 yuan per person. The concentration rate of industrial parks was 68%, and they were included in the first batch of pilot parks in Chongqing.The proportion of R&D expenditure in GDP was 0.9% and the input intensity increased by 30%. The urbanization rate of the permanent population was 46%, the difference of per capita income between urban and rural residents was 2.3, which was 0.01% lower than that of the previous year. The value-added of agriculture increased by 5.1%. The three major business circles of People's Square, Duliang Square and Yilian Commercial and Trade City basically formed. The total retail sales volume of social consumer goods increased by 14.2%, and the ratio of industrial structure was adjusted to 13.1:51.4:35.5. The average concentration of PM2.5 decreased by 12.8%, and the days of good air quality in urban areas reached 341 days. The satisfaction of basic public services reached 91%.

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