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Tongliang Distrcit

Tongliang District is located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and northwest of Chongqing. It is situated between longitude 105°46 '22 "to 106°16' 40" and latitude 29°31 '10 "to 30°5' 55". Dazu in the southwest, Tongnan in the northwest, Hechuan in the northeast, Bishan in the southeast, Yongchuan in the south; about 62 kilometers in length, 48 kilometers in width and 1340.47 square kilometers in area size, are the birthplaces of Qiu Shaoyun -the special ministers of the Chinese People's Volunteer Army and also of  Tongliang Dragon Lamp-a folk art.Tongliang District consists of 5 streets and 23 towns in Bachuan, Dongcheng, Nancheng, Pulv and Jiuxian. It covers 266 villages and 67 communities, 4050 villagers'groups and 552 residents' groups. In 2018, the annual GDP grew by 9.6%, the industrial added value increased by 9.1%, the investment in fixed assets increased by 6.7% and the total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 13.7%. The economic development speed of the whole city achieved a competitive position. The output value of strategic emerging industries increased by 20.3%, that of high-tech industries by 17.6%, that of digital economy by 33.6%, and that of conventional industries by 18.1%, 35.3% and 43.8%, respectively; that of conventional industrial enterprises  by  11.4%,reached 48.481 billion yuan , marketing rate on industrial output is 98%, and profits by 3.364 billion yuan ,increased by 36.6%, that of industrial electricity consumption by 11.2% and gas consumption by 44%. The ratio of three industrial structures was adjusted from 11.3:59.5:29.2 to 9.4:55.5:35.1.

Dragon is a god worshipped by ancient Chinese folk totem and a symbol of the Chinese nation. Dragon lantern playing and dragon dance watching are the traditional customs of Chinese people. Among all kinds of Chinese dragon dances, Tongliang dragon in Chongqing is the most brilliant one. In Tongliang, Chongqing, "Dragon Dance" are well known for a long time. "Tongliang Dragon Dance" has also been listed in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage representative works by the State Council.

The development of Tongliang Dragon has a long history. As early as the Tang Dynasty around 600 A.D., there were folk activities of "playing dragon lanterns" in Tongliang. Tongliang Dragon is 50 meters long and has 24 holes, representing 24 solar terms of Chinese farming. Tongliang dragon is divided into male and female dragons. Each dragon is performed by 25 members. There are more than 30 routines, such as leaping, rolling, opening and closing, and stretching.Tongliang dragon's slow move is graceful , while its fast move is more and more exciting and wild. Plus the lively folk music, the fierce folk fireworks, set off a warm festive atmosphere. Tongliang Dragon not only retains the traditional Bayu feature, but also integrates the modern dance implication. Dance experts commented: "Tongliang dragon has great momentum, and indeed has the sacred dignity of dragon, the top quality of square art.In the major competitions at home and abroad, Tongliang dragon shows uniquely outstanding performance, wins the gold medal steadily and was listed in the national sports events. Tongliang dragon props is designated as the standard props for dragon dance by the State Sports Administration; Tongliang dragon dance routines are stipulated as the national dragon dance competition norms. Tongliang Dragon Dance Team, named by the State Sports Administration as the National Dragon Dance Team of China. Tongliang dragon is known as the Top dragon in China. At the Ceremony on  National Day of the 35th and 50th anniversaries of the Republic, Tonglianglong performed twice in Tiananmen Square to show their blessings to the motherland.

Tongliang is a well-known "town of dragon lanterns", which is named by the Ministry of Culture as "the town of Chinese folk art" and an advanced county of national culture. Tongliang Dragon Lantern is also well-known overseas.

Tongliang Dragon Lantern rose in the Ming Dynasty and flourished in the Qing Dynasty. It replays its splendor in the contemporary era. It is a dragon dance and lantern dance with dragon as its main props, accompanied by the folk comprehensive art of traditional colored tie-up products with dragon as its main content. It has a strong cultural background, distinctive features and wide influence. It is one of the ten folk arts in Bayu and Chongqing.which radiates splendor in Chinese dragon culture.Tongliang dragon lantern dance includes dragon lantern dance and color lantern dance. Dragon lantern dance mainly includes Daru dragon, Huo dragon, Daocao dragon, Sunke dragon, Huangjing dragon,Bandeng dragon, Zheng dragon, Xiaocai dragon,Zhubang dragon and Hehua dragon, among which Daru dragon, Huo dragon are the most distinctive. The lantern dance mainly includes  twelve varieties, Yuyuelongmen , loach eating Tangyuan, Santiao, Shiba xueshi, bright lion, Kaishan tiger, Bangke jing, rhinoceros watching the moon, pig eat pumpkin, high stage dragon lion dance,Yanta timing, pumpkin shed.

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