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Changshou District

Changshou district is the only District (city, county) named after longevity in China. It was first set up as Chang'an County  in Shuhan Dynasty and Lewen County in Tang Dynasty. Because of the longevity of the people, It changed its name to Changshou County in 1363 and was withdrawn from the county ,turned in to district in 2001. Changshou is located in the heart of Chongqing, passing through the Yangtze River. It covers an area of 1424 square kilometers, with a population of 900,000. It covers 7 streets and 12 towns, as well as the national Changshou Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Changshou City is located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River east of the main city of Chongqing. It is close to Liangjiang New Area, 60 kilometers away from Jiangbei International Airport and Chongqing North Railway Station. The 10,000-ton vessel can reach the sea through the rivers all the year round. The Yuhuai, Yuli, Yuwan Railway and the Yuyi, Changfu and Third Ring Expressway are intertwined and intersected. It is an important hub of water and land transportation in the city.As one of the key satellite cities built in the whole city, it has built two major districts separated by the ecological green belt, central city area and economic development area.the old city of Fengcheng, the new city of Taohua, the steel city of Jiangnan, the Yanjia Park and the New District of northern China. The layout, function complementarity and organic integration of the five districts on both sides of the Straits have resulted in the built-up area exceeding 55 square kilometers, the population of the urban area exceeding 400,000, and the urbanization rate of the whole district reaching 61.62%. A solid foundation for the construction of a satellite city of "Four Suitables and Two Hundreds" which is suitable for industry, livability, tourism and longevity.

Since the district was established, Changshou District has accelerated the construction of Chongqing Industrial Highland, Modern Agricultural Base, Leisure Tourism Resort and Regional Logistics Center. Changshou economic Development Zone occupies the most space in the city's development zone. It has settled Chongqing's leading enterprises such as Chongqing Steel, chuan Wei and 22 top 500 companies in the world, such as Basf, BP and Dalkai. It has gathered a batch of 10 billion-grade projects such as MDI integration and Asia-Pacific paper industry. It has initially formed leading industrial clusters such as chemical industry, steel industry, new material industry and equipment manufacturing, and is an important comprehensive heavy equipment and chemical base in the western region.

In 2018, the GDP of the region reached 59.75 billion yuan, an increase of 6.2% (hereinafter referred to as growth) over the same period of last year, the industrial output value was 94.96 billion yuan, an increase of 14.2%, the investment in fixed assets was 23.39 billion yuan, an increase of 15%, the total retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 3.4%, the total import and export volume of foreign trade was 13.35 billion yuan, an increase of 24.1%, and the overall economic growth was stable. 290 contracted projects were signed in the whole year, with 73 billion yuan of contract investment, exceeding the annual target of 13 billion yuan.New industries, new formats and new modes are flourishing. High-tech industries and strategic emerging industries have realized output value of 21.34 billion yuan, accounting for 22.5% of the total industrial output value. Online transactions in e-commerce have exceeded 7 billion yuan, an increase of 25%. There are 6856 new market participants with a total of nearly 60,000 households. The annual profit of industrial enterprises reached 5.62 billion yuan, an increase of 72.6%. The total amount and growth rate of industrial enterprises reached an all-time high, and the new industrial profit of 2.36 billion yuan ranked first in the city.The quality of Finance and taxation has been improved and the structure has been optimized. The tax revenue in the jurisdiction has increased by 12.7% to 5.78 billion yuan. The general public budget revenue has increased by 1.6% to 3.58 billion yuan, of which the tax revenue accounts for 76.4%. We will continue to benefit the people financially and invest 4.46 billion yuan in people's livelihood funds, accounting for 66.9% of the general public budget expenditure; 21,000 new jobs offers created in cities and towns, 3.1% of the registered unemployment rate in cities and towns, less than 1.1% of the municipal control line; 28122 yuan per capita disposable income of all residents, an increase of 8.9%; and 311 days of good air quality in urban areas, an increase of 29 days over the same period, creating a new record in the history.

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