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Qianjiang District

Qianjiang District is located in the southeastern central area of Chongqing and the hinterland of Wuling Mountain. It is one of the central cities of Wuling Mountain area and Chengdu-Chongqing urban agglomeration planned by the state. It is also the southeastern central city of Chongqing, which is positioned by Chongqing Municipal Committee and Municipal Government. It was established as a  County in the 6th year of Eastern Han Dynasty , and has a history of more than 1800 years. After Chongqing was established as municipality directly under the Central Government, the former Qianjiang area and Qianjiang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County were withdrawn and constructed into districts, with 30 townships and streets covering an area of 2402 square kilometers, with a total population of 554,000. The minority population mainly composed of Tujia and Miao nationalities accounted for 74.5% of the total household registration population, 466,000 permanent residents, 47.5% of the urbanization rate of permanent residents, concentrated in old revolutionary areas, minority communities and remote areas. Mountainous areas and key national poverty alleviation and development areas are integrated. In 2018, the overall stable and progressive economic and social development trend was maintained. The GDP of the region increased by 7% over the previous year, the industrial added value increased by 8.5%, the general public budget income increased by 12.8%, the fixed assets investment increased by 8.5%, the total retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 7%, and the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents increased by 9% and 10%, respectively.

As for the distinct location and convenient transportation, Qianjiang is located in the geometric center of Chongqing and Changsha, Wuhan and Guiyang. The total number of airlines in Qianjiang Airport has increased to 10. The Chongqing-Huaijiang Railway, Chongqing-Hunan Expressway and Chongqing-Enshi Expressway run through the whole territory. The construction of Qianjiang-Zhangjiajie-Chnagde Railway, Chongqing-Huaihua Railway, Qianjiang-Shizhu Expressway and Qianjiang Transit Expressway has started to construct. The Chongqing main city-Qianjiang Expressway has been accelerated. The Qianjiang-Zhaoyang-Zunyi Railway, Qianjiang-Enshi Railway and Qianjiang-Zhongyi-Guangan Railway have been included in the 13 Five-Year Plan of the State and Municipality. “guide for making accessible highways to township and village” achieves "five 100%". Basic realization of 1 hour township, 1 hour surrounding, 2 hours to reach the city transferable by airlines, "railway, highway, airline" three-dimensional transport system is increasingly improving, initially built a regional comprehensive transport hub.

With great humanities and livable ecology both culturally and environmentally, Qianjiang has successfully established a national unity and progress demonstration zone.Bachu culture intersects here, Tujia, Miao and Han complement each other, 27 ethnic groups coexist and flourish together. Qianjiang is the first stop for the Red Army to enter Chongqing and the hometown of Wan Tao, the former political commissar of the Red Army. It has left a glorious footprint of Liu Bocheng, Deng Xiaoping, He Long and other older generations of proletarian revolutionists to fight.It has four distinct seasons, good ecology, fresh and cool climate, forest coverage of 60.2%, good air quality of urban area for 335 days. It is a "landscape garden city" and "environmental protection model city" of Chongqing. It has won the honors of "green China, outstanding ecological green city", "China fresh and cool Canyon city" and "China Forest Oxygen Bar". Successful establishment of the national health district, the satisfaction rate of the masses reached 97.1%. Obtained the nomination  for the establishment of a national civilized urban area. The overall social situation is harmonious and stable, with the mass safety index reaching 98.67% in 2017, and it has won the highest award of "Chang'an Cup" for the comprehensive management of social security in China.

Industrial agglomeration, rich in resources, Zhengyang Industrial Park, the first 10 billion-grade characteristic industrial park in southeastern Chongqing, has become the first batch of demonstration zones for integration of production cities in China. The three major industrial parks for materials, textiles and environmental protection have been accelerated. Six key industrial systems have been formed, including cigarettes and matching, processing of agricultural and side products, biomedicine, energy saving and environmental protection, textile and garment, and new materials, and efforts have been made to build the core industrial cluster in southeastern Chongqing. It has been granted to initiate e-commerce in demonstration rural areas, a pilot demonstration area for the integration and development of rural industries is being established. Having seven national 4A-level tourist attractions, including the ancient town of Zhaoshui, Puhuaanhe, Xiaonanhai, Balahu, Tujiashisanzhai, Shenguixia and Alice Manor, the scenic area of Zhaoshui has passed the 5A National Landscape Quality Assessment smoothly, and is awaiting the national assessment. Successfully established the Apeng River National Wetland Park, which was awarded as the National Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration Area and County. The "One River Cross-Strait" Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration was selected as "Chongqing Most Beautiful Rural Place", "Mysterious Balahu Charm Apeng River- a fresh Qianjiang" tourism image highlighted.

It is a district of complete function, benefiting  the neighbouring and surrounding. Strongly promote the construction of the central city in Southeast Chongqing, the city's service function is improving day by day. It has 51 financial institutions of various types. It is a leading city in Southeast Chongqing with a relatively complete range of financial institutions.It has 2 Higher Vocational colleges, 1 National Vocational Education Center and 3 key municipal secondary schools. It is the first batch of national vocational education demonstration zones. It has introduced and integrated teaching resources from 5 famous schools in Chongqing main districts, such as Nankai Middle School, to run schools in cooperation. The core indicators of college entrance examination continue to lead in Southeast Chongqing. It has the only "three-A" hospital in southeastern Chongqing and the largest private hospital in Wuling Mountains. It has started two hospitals to create "three-A" work. Attracting 15.8% and 30.8% of people respectively from outside study and seek for medical treatment here . Qianjiang Customs has been cleared and its business jurisdiction covers "two districts and four counties" in southeastern Chongqing. Sports halls, museums, libraries, Convention and exhibition centers and other major urban items are available. Regional business logistics, education, medical treatment, emergency response, finance and other central positions highlighted.

During the time that the 13th Five-Year Plan out carrying, Qianjiang District will put the guiding principles of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China fully into effect, deeply study and apply Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, comprehensively promote the economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological progress, and coordinate the four-pronged comprehensive strategy. Qianjiang District will adhere to ecological priority and green development, and vigorously implement the three major construction projects of "strong industrial zone, large tourism zone and beautiful city zone", and comprehensively promote them. Economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, ecological civilization construction and Party building will ensure that a well-off society will be built in an all-round way as scheduled, and that an important economic center and comprehensive transportation hub in southeastern Chongqing and Wuling Mountains will be basically built, thus opening a new journey for the construction of the beautiful Qianjiang.

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