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Qijiang District

Qijiang is known as the "South Gate of Chongqing". It links Nanchuan in the east, Guizhou in the south, Jiangjin in the West and Banan in the north. It covers an area of 2747.8 square kilometers. It covers 25 towns, 365 administrative villages and 90 communities in five streets, with a total population of 1.22 million. It is a town of Chinese folk printing, a town of badminton, a gear city in the west of China, a town of Chinese folk culture and art, an excellent tourist city in China and the . Tourism spotlight out of Three Gorges.

It has a long history and rich humanities. The name of Qijiang originated from ancient Qi City. According to the ancient Neolithic Age, there were human activities in the territory. Qin, Han, Jin and the Southern and Northern Dynasties were the prefectures of Jiangzhou County in Ba County. In the early Tang Dynasty, Longyang County was established in the second year of Wude (619 A.D.) and later changed its name to Qijiang County in 1363 A.D. On October 22, 2011, the State Council approved the abolition of Wansheng District and Qijiang County and the establishment of Qijiang District of Chongqing City.The outstanding people of Qijiang have sprung up a large number of revolutionary martyrs, such as Yang Jinyun, who were praised by Sun Yat-sen as "hero of the country" ,and Wang Liang, the commander of the Fourth Red Army, and praised by Zhou Enlai as "the three great heroes of Huo" namely,Huo Kunyong, Huo Buqing, Huo Liru, Liu Ziru ,famous modern industrialists, philanthropists, educators and patriots .The culture of all nationalities in China is intermingled, brilliant and prosper. Folk printing are well known overseas. They have bred a large number of world badminton champions ,Zhang Yawen and second medal winner Pi Hongyan. The Chinese cultural heritage of "Jinqiao chui da" and "Yongcheng chui da" have been included in the national intangible cultural heritage.

Rich in resources and beautiful scenery. Qijiang has abundant reserves of coal, pyrite, limestone, dolomite, saponite, quartz sand, rare earth and natural gas. It has proved that coal reserves amount to 2 billion tons, accounting for more than 40% of the city's reserves. Coalbed methane reserves are 40 billion cubic meters, accounting for 54% of the city's reserves. Iron ore reserves are more than 200 million tons, limestone reserves are more than 450 billion cubic meters, plant resources are more than 2000 species, and average water resources are available. The total amount is 1.16 billion cubic meters, and more than 100 thousand kilowatts of hydropower can be exploited.Qijiang is rich in mountainous ecological resources. It has one of the twelve scenic spots in Bayu, the most beautiful health-preserving Canyon in China, the black Valley - AAAAA class scenic spot, the recreational tourism resort -- AAAA class scenic spot, in Gujianshan, Qijiang, Chongqing, the oldest stone forest in China,AAAA class scenic spot,,the Longlinshihai - the Tonggutan Canyon drifting in Yuqian, and the Ordovician Park in Green Stone Forest. "Green Pearl Mountain City" Jiuguojing Forest Park,  Dingshan Lake, Dinosaur Footprint National Geopark, etc. There are also the tombs of martyrs of the Red Army, the sites of the Provisional Government of Korea and the Dai reproductive totem and other cultural landscapes.

Convenient transportation and superior conditions contributes to Qijiang’s availability to both waterways, railways and highways, Qijiang waterway, Chongqing-Guizhou Railway,  National Highway 210, Chongqing-Zhanjiang Highway and Chongqing-Guizhou High-speed Railway under construction run through the north and south, and 30,000 South Railway, Three-Ring Highway and 303 Provincial Highway connect East and west, forming a "well-shape" type three-dimensional integrated transportation logistics hub.Wansheng Economic and Technological Development Zone has been set up in the territory, with a development space of about 45 square kilometers in the central urban area. Three commercial and trade complexes and Yunan Commercial and Trade City have been planned and under construction. There are coal electrification park, Beidu Aluminum Industrial Park, Qiaohe Industrial Park, Pingshan Industrial Park, the only specialized food industrial Park and three micro-enterprise incubation parks in Chongqing, There are 300 square kilometers of modern agricultural demonstration park in mountainous area, 18 characteristic benefit agricultural demonstration parks in streets and towns, as well as national leisure resorts dedicated to building. The development elements of various platforms are becoming more and more complete, and the development and opening space is vast.

The industry is stately and full of vitality. In 2018, according to statistics, the GDP of the region reached 41.46 billion yuan, an increase of 6.9%; the added value of industry reached 15.19 billion yuan, an increase of 7.2%; the investment in fixed assets of the whole society reached 11.37 billion yuan, an increase of 8.7%; the total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 13.34 billion yuan, an increase of 10.8%; the total import and export volume exceeded 60 million dollars, an increase of 25.6%. The industrial structure was more optimized, with the structural ratio adjusted to 12.7:44.8:42.5, and the proportion of secondary and tertiary industries in the GDP increased by 0.9 %.The investment structure is more optimized, with social investment of 7.5 billion yuan, accounting for 68.2% of fixed assets investment. Market confidence has steadily rebounded; industrial investment has increased by 11.1%, and industrial support has continued to strengthen. The financial structure is more optimized. The revenue of the general public budget has reached 2.14 billion yuan, of which the proportion of the general public budget tax has increased to 65.8%, and the industrial and commercial tax revenue of the jurisdiction has reached 2.32 billion yuan, an increase of 12%. The government debt has been kept in a healthy controllable range, and has passed the spot check by the special office of the Central Audit Office smoothly.Sixteen projects of 3 billion level and 20 projects of 1 billion level were introduced, which ranked first in the city. Qijiang is an important energy base in Chongqing and an important agglomeration area of coal electrochemical industry in southwest China. It is making great efforts to build "Chongqing Automobile and Motorcycle and Parts Production Base", "Chongqing Aluminum and Copper Industry Comprehensive Processing Base", "Chongqing Building Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Base". It has basically formed 10 billion new pillars of coal chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, new materials, IT information, food processing and so on. Industrial structure;Rural tourism, health-preserving tourism, vacation tourism and other forms of business continue to rise, gradually becoming an important leisure resort in Chongqing metropolitan area; with the New Century (Xinshiji), Chongkelong, Yonghui, Guomei, Suning and other  chain enterprises, the financial and service industries are well developed, business services are flourishing; agricultural products like Jinjiao brand "Old Sichuan" beef jerky, Black Mountain kiwifruit, Ganshui "Caodou carrot" “Fan zaoyang”fresh pepper condiments, bamboo products and other special agricultural products sell well at home and abroad.

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