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Wanzhou District

Wanzhou, located in the northeastern part of Chongqing and the center of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, is famous for its "Wanchuan Bihui" and "Wan Shang Yunji" which means it gathers rivers geographically and commercials economically.  It has been built for more than 1800 years. Since Chongqing's municipality, the administrative system of Wanzhou has been adjusted several times, covering an area of 3,457 square kilometers, 52 towns and townships, with a total population of 1.76 million. The total number of relocated and resettled migrants from the Three Gorges is 263,000, accounting for one-fifth of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area and one-fourth of the Chongqing Reservoir Area, which is the district and county with the largest management unit, the largest population and the heaviest immigration task. Wanzhou District has 52 administrative divisions (11 Streets, 29 towns and 12 townships).

Wanzhou has a rich culture. Bachu culture and Three Gorges culture converged here. Li Bai, Huang Tingjian and other historical celebrities have left their preserves here. Rich in natural resources, such as natural gas reserves of 200 billion cubic meters, rock salt reserves of 280 billion tons, total water resources of 2.2 billion cubic meters, with "Asia's first waterfall" - Wanzhou Falls and other natural and cultural landscape. Talents are gathered here, equipped with 7 institutions of higher learning, 6 regional scientific research institutes, 7 secondary vocational schools, and nearly 40,000 middle and senior talents of all kinds. It is an important port along the Yangtze River due to its convenient transportation facilities. Two high-speed railways, two ordinary railways and five expressways are open to traffic and under construction. The annual passenger throughput of Wanzhou Airport is 650,000. The framework of "two horizontal, two vertical, one ring, eight shooting, one airport and one port" has taken into functioning. Upgrading the quality of the city, the area of the city is 100 square kilometers, and the population of the city is 1 million. A 25-kilometer inner circle around rivers and lakes and a 57-kilometer outer circle around the city have been built. The urban spatial pattern of "one circle and two wings"-which means one circle highway and two main roads, has basically taken shape. With the development accelerating, the national Wanzhou Economic Development Zone covers an area of 22.5 square kilometers, and pillar industries such as intelligent manufacturing equipment, green lighting, automobile manufacturing, new materials, food and medicine have basically taken shape; China's roast fish town, Wanzhou, has been successfully established, and the construction of the National Agricultural Park has been accelerated.

In 2018, we will base on the current situation and focus on a long-term perspective, consolidate the foundation of development in the process of transformation and upgrading, and enhance the dynamics of development in the process of reform and opening up. Optimizing industrial development ideas and defining five key industries of green lighting, intelligent equipment, food and medicine, automobile and new materials, the output value accounts for 62% of the planned industrial output value, and the output value of strategic emerging industries increases by 18%, accounting for 22.7% of the planned industrial output value. What’s more, 14,000 new market participants were added. Strategic cooperation projects with five central-owned enterprises have been implemented. All year round, 65 projects such as the Three Gorges International Agricultural and By-product Distribution Base were signed and 30 billion yuan of funds were put in place. We should persist in developing for the people and benefiting the people, and create a high-quality life in promoting high-quality development. People's livelihood investment of 10.16 billion yuan, accounting for 80% of the general public budget expenditure; poverty alleviation of 5,001 people pout of  1991 households, the poverty rate dropped to 0.69%; Newly added urban employment of 43,000 people, urban registered unemployment rate is only 2.93%; The forest coverage rate of the whole region and the forest coverage rate on both sides of the Yangtze River increased to 51.5% and 66% respectively. The water quality of Wanzhou section of the main stream of the Yangtze River maintained category II on the whole. The air quality days of the urban area lasted 336 days, and the people's sense of attainment and happiness were further enhanced.

Total sales of wholesale and retail goods increased by 15.7% while operating income of accommodation and catering increased by 12.3%. Successfully established "China Roast Fish Town", "China's Top 100 E-commerce Demonstration County", held "Three Gorges Gourmet Culture Festival" and other large-scale exhibition activities, exhibition revenue of 3.84 billion yuan, at an increase of 26.3%, e-commerce transactions of 13.97 billion yuan, an increase of 19%. Actively carry out the "farmer-supermarket docking" and "farmer-merchant docking" to realize the transaction value of agricultural products of 380 million yuan. Completion of Modern Integrated Logistics Center. The annual turnover of goods was 43.21 billion tons kilometers, an increase of 8%, and the port cargo throughput was 36.92 million tons, an increase of 1%.

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