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Banan District

The predecessor of Banan District is Baxian County, a famous city with a history of thousands of years. In December 1994, with the approval of the State Council, the county was build into a district covering an area of 1825 square kilometers, covering 8 streets and 14 towns.

Rich in History and culture. As early as the Shang Dynasty more than 3,000 years ago, the Ba people multiplied and thrived here, and built their country and capital. As the birthplace and inheritance of Ba, Ba culture has a long history for 3000 years. Historically, outstanding figures such as Ba Manzi, a heroic general who would rather lose his life than lose his homeland, Zou Rong, the pioneer of revolutionary, Yang Cangbai, Secretary-General of the Grand Marshal's Office of Sun Yat-sen, Dingxuesong, the first female Ambassador of New China, have emerged successively. They have rich cultural resources such as the national intangible cultural heritage of "Jielongchuida", "Mudongshan’ge" and the old site group of Nanquan Anti-Japanese War.

Location advantage is prominent. Banan is located in the south of the main city area of Chongqing and belongs to one of the nine main districts of the city area. Chongqing Inner Ring Expressway, Circumferential Expressway, Chongqing-Guizhou, Chongqing-Hunan and Riverside Expressways constitute the "two-ring and three-directing" Expressway network, which is the bridgehead of "Chongqing-ASEAN South-to-South International Logistics Gateway". It has more than 60 kilometers of Yangtze Golden Waterway, three Yangtze River Bridges, Lijiatuo, Masangxi and Yudong, and the Baijusi Yangtze River Bridge under construction, which connects the north and south. A convenient three-dimensional transportation network has been constructed, such as Yunan Avenue, Longzhou Avenue, Babin Road, Light Rail Line 2 and Line 3.

The ecological environment is superior. The forest coverage rate of the whole area reaches 43.8%. There are East-South Hot Spring, one of the Top10 tourist resorts in Chongqing, and Tianping Mountain, Shengdeng Mountain, Yunzhuan Mountain, Qiaoping Mountain, Nan Lake, Jinlong Lake, Fengsheng Ancient Town, Mudong Old Street and other tourist and leisure resorts,which makes it truly deserves the name of mountain city, river city, hot spring city and forest city, and is titled as "excellent tourist city in China", the first "Hot Spring Town of China" and "Global Tourism - Chongqing's Most Beautiful Tourism Resort".

The industrial base is strong. It has a national strategic platform - Chongqing Nanpeng Highway Logistics Base, bonded logistics center (B type) closure operation, and modern service industry, represented by Jingdong E-commerce and Huanan City, has developed vigorously. It has the first batch of city-level featured industrial parks, new energy vehicles, electronic information, biomedicine and other strategic emerging industrial clustered and developed here , Zongshen Power, Chongqing Banan Construction (Group) , Dajiang, Chang'an Suzuki, Huike Electronics, Ruizhi Biology, Chongqing Hybest Group and a large number of well-known enterprises gathered in Banan.  Agriculture mode with modern characteristic  "3+5" industrial system has been accelerated to construct, the integration of agriculture, commerce, culture and tourism has fostered a number of landmark products and leisure tourism brands, such as "Dingxin tea", "Jielong Meiheng pomelo", "Wuzhou Garden" and "rural impression".

The momentum of development is strong. In recent years, the growth rate of Banan's main economic indicators ranks first in the nine districts of the main city area. In 2018, the GDP of the region reached 78.12 billion yuan, at an increase of 7.1% over the same period last year. The total industrial output value was 83.56 billion yuan, at an increase of 2.1%. Fixed assets investment, total retail sales of consumer goods and business income of regulated services increased by 15.4%, 7.9% and 48.4% respectively. The deposit balance and loan balance of financial institutions increased by 10.2% and 15.1% respectively, and the deposit-loan ratio increased by 85%.

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