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Jiangbei District

Jiangbei is located in the north of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers. It is bordered by rivers and covered by mountains and springs. It is a strip type belt distribution geographically, 42.90 kilometers long from west to east, 1.49-14.38 kilometers wide from north to south, 104 kilometers along the riverbank, covering an area of 220.8 square kilometers. It covers three towns and nine streets, with a permanent population of 874,400 and an urbanization rate of 96.09%. It has been successfully awarded national civilized city, the "ChangAn Cup" of the national public security comprehensive administration, National Environmental Protection Model City, National Double Supporting Model City, National Peace Construction Advanced Area, National Harmonious Society Construction Demonstration City and other honorary titles.

Jiangbei is a city with a long history. From the beginning of the Paleolithic Age, the long river of history flowed in the north of the Yangtze River. At the end of the Warring States Period, Jiangbei was the capital of Ba County and the seat of Jiangzhou County. In 1955, the urban planning of Chongqing was adjusted and renamed Jiangbei District of Chongqing until now. Jiangbei district is filled with deep cultural richness and profound historic humanitarianism. Ritual architecture under national cultural relics protection unit like tomb tower “Pan Xi Wu Ming Que” and “Ming Yu Zhen Rui Ling” has also been found here; other places of interest include the former residence of Xu Beihong, Mao Dun, Tao Xingzhi and Ma Sicong. The culture of Bayu, the war of Anti- Japanese and the culture of  Ordnance mingle together here. The "cultural pearl chain" of Jiangbei district extracts the essence of the ancient and modern culture such as the San Dong bridges, the old streets of the Cun Tan and Changan 1862, making the charm of culture last forever.

Jiangbei has a charming landscape with magnificent hills, waters, riverbanks along with abundant forests. It is surrounded by Yangtze River and Jialing River, where Tongluo Mountain and Mingyue Mountain has picturesque scenery with green hills and clear waters. Tieshan Ping, located in this area, which has been known as "lung of the City" for its green landscape and fresh air, has been honored as " Top Ten Chongqing New Business Cards". The first national 4A-level scenic spot walkway in the western region, Guanyin Bridge Business District, is crowded with nearly 500,000 citizens every day. It is a shopping paradise and tourist resort for citizens. Wubao Ecological Town provides the beauty of Arcadian lifestyle. Hongen Temple Forest Park has become the main viewing deck of the city. The rivers, waters and banks in the area rise one after another, and the temples, bridges and streets are crisscrossed, making it a natural landscape of "two rivers, three mountains, four sceneries and five creeks "which enables people to view mountains, waters and recall homesickness and hometown memory.

Jiangbei is an economically developed area. In 2018, the GDP of the whole region reached 102.8 billion yuan, with an increase of 9%. The structural ratio of the three major industries has been optimized to 0.1:25.2:74.7. The three-pillar industries of commerce, industry and finance accounted for 25.5%, 19.8% and 22.8% of GDP respectively, which respectively promoted the growth of GDP by 1.3%, 1.6 %and 1.2 %.

The total output value of the industry in the whole region was 88.85 billion yuan, with an increase of 8.6%, and the added value of industry was 20.31 billion yuan, with an increase of 7.8%. At the end of December, the balance of deposits and loans of financial institutions reached 1353.9 billion yuan, with an increase of 8.5% over last year. The total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 6.5% throughout the year. Sales of goods increased by 10.2% and sales of accommodation and catering increased by 11.8%.

In the whole year, the service industry in the region achieved a 22.2% increase in business income. Among them, the transportation industry has accounted for an increase of 3.7% in business income, 3% in transportation turnover, 15.8% in profit-making services and 66.5% in non-profit services. The sales area of commercial housing reached 3.072 million square meters, with an increase of 2.8%, and the sales volume reached 39.430 billion yuan, with an increase of 13.4%. Investment in fixed assets was 41.13 billion yuan, with an increase of 9.1%. Of which, real estate investment was 28.32 billion yuan, with an increase of 31%, construction and transformation investment was 12.81 billion yuan,with a negative growth of 20.3%, and industrial investment was 7.35 billion yuan, with a negative growth of 28.7%. The general public budget revenue (excluding Liangjiang New Area) was 7.78 billion yuan, with an increase of 1.1%, of which tax revenue was 6.52 billion yuan, with an increase of 2.9%, and tax revenue accounted for 83.8% of the general public budget revenue.

Jiangbei is an open window for development. With "one belt & one road" and the intersection of the Yangtze River economic point, the main developing field of the Liangjiang New Area, the "Sino Singapore (Chongqing) strategic interconnection and demonstration project", and the Chongqing free trade pilot area, all are gathered and located in Jiangbei area. It has the Jiangbeizui central business district, known as "Lujiazui" of Chongqing, the first "famous commercial walkway" -Guanyin Bridge business district in Southwest China, and the first inland bonded port in the country-Cuntan bonded port, the largest inland river intermodal transport hub port, "Guo yuan Port", which interlinked waterways, railways and highways, has been stationed in 65 of the world's top 500 enterprises, headquarters enterprises more than 290.

Jiangbei is a paradise for harmonious development. Adhere to "seek advice or vote from the citizen in three aspects" and promote "order-based livelihood". The momentum of public innovation and entrepreneurship is getting stronger. People's livelihood should be guaranteed which means, families or persons who met the minimum living allowance requirement should be entitled the minimum living allowance as soon as possible, and all of them should be entitled the minimum living allowance without missing one person or one family. Education, science and technology, culture, health and sports are all in full swing. People's livelihood with quality and kindness is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The grass-roots social governance is solid and effective. The "Working method from a mediator named Mashanxiang" is becoming more and more popular and influential, and the branding effect of "special committee members recruited from different leading industries to assist social governance " together with "ideas that were put forward to governance from citizens applying to safeguard people’s livelihood " came into effect .

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