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Yuzhong District

Yuzhong District is located at the intersection of the Yangtze River and Jialing River. The two rivers are encircled in the shape of a peninsula. The area of water and land is 23.24 square kilometers, of which the land area is 20.08 square kilometers. There are 11 sub-district offices, 77 community neighborhood committees and one community workstation in the jurisdiction. In 2017, the permanent population is 659,000. Yuzhong District has successively won the honorary titles of "National Civilized City District", "National Comprehensive Reform Pilot Area in Service Industry ", "First National Public Cultural Service System Demonstration Area", "National Harmonious Community Demonstration City District ", "National Science and Technology Progress Demonstration City District ", and "National Double Supporting Model City".

Yuzhong is the "mother city" of Chongqing. In has been Jiangzhou city for  3000 years, Chongqing prefecture for 800 years, and the Monument of Liberation for 100 years. With all these historic accumulations, therefore it is rich in cultural deposits such as Bayu culture, anti-Japanese culture and Hongyan spirit, which gave birth to Chongqing's "roots" and "sources". It concentrated the essence of this mountain city, river city and sleepless city, demonstrating the charm and spirit of the Chongqing’s old times and the new era. For these old residents in Chongqing, they always think stepping into Yuzhong district means you are really into the city.

In 2018, the GDP of the region exceeded 120 billion yuan and increased by about 1%, while the revenue of the general public budget at the district level dropped by 6.7% to 4.64 billion, the total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 8.5%, the total investment in fixed assets completed 22 billion yuan with a 3% growth, and the per capita disposable income of urban residents gained an 8.5% up to 39,000 yuan. All the time, Yuzhong has maintained a healthy and scientific development trend, The whole region represents a  continuous optimization of economic structure, steady improvement of development benefits towards prosperity, sound momentum of emerging industries, continuous advancement of city life quality, continuous improvement of the well-being of the general public, and harmonious and stable overall social situation.

Yuzhong is the financial center of Chongqing. As of March 2018, there has been 166 financial institutions which are at or above the municipal level. The business income of emerging financial industry has reached 2.3 billion yuan at an increase of 35%, and insurance premium income has reached 21 billion yuan at an increase of 20%.

Yuzhong is the trade and commercial center of Chongqing. LV Global Concept Store, GUCCI West Flagship Store and other 226 international well-known brands are gathered here. Jiefangbei(Monument of Liberation)  CBD has converged upper class, enriched business and industry dynamics, leading in consumption trend and power, therefore becoming the first CBD in the city to break through 40 billion yuan of total retail sales of consumer goods, that is 75.36 billion yuan, at an increase of 9%.

Yuzhong is the cultural center of Chongqing. There are 65 key cultural relics protection units at or above the municipal level in the region, ranking first in the city. Among them, 18 national cultural relics account for 1/3 of the city, 46 intangible cultural heritages, 3 first-class museums such as the Three Gorges Museum of China, the Red Rock Museum, the exhibition hall of the Chinese Democratic Parties, and other cultural landmark facilities such as the People's Auditorium, the GuoTai Art Center and Huguang Guild Hall.

Yuzhong is Chongqing's headquarters of the economic base and urban tourism destination with 125 enterprises that are among Fortune Global 500, 36 buildings which have taxation of over 100 million yuan, and all 10 Consulate Institutions in Chongqing located in Yuzhong; and more than 540 million visitors have been accommodated in Yuzhong. The tourism income has reached 31.5 billion yuan, at an increase of 17%, which has been rated as the top ten tourism destinations in the whole country.

In 2019, the general requirements of government’s work are listed as follows: put the guiding principles of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China fully into effect; guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era; closely adhere to General Secretary Xi Jinping's requirements for Chongqing: “dual geographic importance”, “twin goals”, “paralleled progress”, and “four solid implementations”; strengthen the leadership of the Party; follow the new development vision and the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability; stick to social major contradictions and changes; and act in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development. 

We should comprehensively promote the economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological progress; coordinate the four-pronged comprehensive strategy; work holistically to maintain stable growth, advance reform, make structural adjustments, improve living standards, and guard against risks; take the structural reform on the supply-side as the mainline; make every effort to promote the quality, efficiency and power transforms of economic development; and take solid action in the “three critical battles”. We should make good progress in carrying out "eight action plans" and focus on six key industries and eight service agglomeration areas to build a modern economic system, expand new advantages to development with the impetus of reform and opening-up and innovation, and enhance the connotation of urban quality with the breakthrough of infrastructure construction and protection of historical features. Taking the people's livelihood facts as the starting point, we should strive to enhance the sense of gaining, happiness and security of the masses and lay a solid foundation for a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and opening a new journey of socialist modernization construction.

"Dual geographic importance", "Twin goals" and "Four solid implementations":

In January 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Chongqing and delivered an important speech, putting forward "Dual geographic importance", "Twin goals" and "Four solid implementations" for Chongqing. “Dual geographic importance” refers to Chongqing’s role as the anchor of large scale western development and as the crossroads of Belt and Road Initiative and Yangtze economic belt,playing a unique and critical role in the national regional development and opening up.“Twin goals” are to become the pioneer of inland opening-up and to conserve the charming landscape with lucid waters and lush mountains. “Four solid implementations” suggest solid implementation of the new development concept, solid implementation of guaranteeing and improving people's livelihood, solid implementation of deepening reform, solid implementation of the "the three guidelines for ethical behavior and the three basic rules for conduct ".

"three critical battles" and "eight action plans": On November 14, 2017, the resolution of the Third Plenary Session of the Fifth Session of the Municipal Committee pointed out that the strategic deployment made by the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC should be thoroughly implemented and worked out combined with the actual comprehensive implementation, at the same time, vigorously implemented the "Eight Action Plans": First, implement the action plan of innovation-driven development led by the intelligentization of big data. Secondly, implement the action plan of the rural revitalization. Thirdly, implement the action plan of infrastructure construction promotion. Fourthly, implement the action plan of civil-military integration development. Fifthly, implement the action plan of developing cities by science and education and strengthening cities by talents. Sixth, implement the action plan of inland open highland construction. Seventh, implement the action plan of demand-oriented guarantee and improvement of people's livelihood. Eighth, implement the action plan of ecological priority and green development; While fighting for "three critical battles", firstly, resolutely prevent and defuse major risks. Secondly, targeted poverty alleviation. And thirdly, resolutely fight against pollution to ensure that building a moderately prosperous society in all respects is recognized by the people and can stand the test of history. 

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