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The Extension of Chongqing-Hunan Expressway Started

The extension of Chongqing-Hunan expressway started, thus hopefully there will be no more congestion. On November 22, Chongqing Expressway (Group) Co. Ltd released the news that the construction of Wubuhe bridge, a controlling project from Banan to Pengshui section of the Chongqing-Hunan expressway extension project, was officially started, marking the construction of the Chongqing-Hunan expressway extension project officially started.

At present, Chongqing-Hunan expressway has Shi section, Nanchuan section, Wulong section, etc.. As road vehicle traffic volume has exceeded the design capacity, it would clog up quite easily during holidays and rush hours. In order to alleviate the congestion situation, Chongqing transportation bureau has included the extension of Chongqing-Hunan expressway into the three-year action project of expressway construction for Chongqing's urban transportation improvement.

The total length of Chongqing section of the Chongqing-Hunan expressway extension project is more than 280 kilometers, including Banan to Pengshui, Pengshui to Youyang. Among them, the section from Banan to Pengshui starts from Lujiao town in Banan district, passes Nanchuan district and Wulong district, and ends at the Ponshui New Town in Pengshui district. The total length of the route is about 157.9 kilometers, with a bridge/tunnel ratio of 78.3% and a total investment of about 40.16 billion yuan. The section from Pengshui to Youyang is more than 90 kilometers long and is being accelerated.

The Wubuhe bridge will span the Guanjingkou reservoir, which is currently under construction in Banan, with a continuous steel structure of 3×180 metres, according to China Railway 11 Bureau Group Co. LTD., which is in charge of the construction of the project. The construction of the bridge pile foundation and cap plans to be completed by the end of January next year, and the bridge piers will be constructed above the reservoir water level by the end of March next year.

"The construction of Chongqing-Hunan expressway extension project will effectively relieve the congestion of the existing Chongqing-Hunan expressway, improve the passage capacity, further develop numerous tourism resources along the route, promote the integrated development of transport and tourism, and support the sustained and rapid economic and social growth along the route.” said Chongqing Expressway (Group) Co. Ltd.


Source: Chongqing Daily

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