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Domestic and Overseas Talents Gather in Chongqing for Innovation, Entrepreneursh

Lately, Chongqing launched its "talent plan", which aims to select and support high-level talents at home and abroad. Polices such as financial support for research of up to 2 million yuan for the selected talents, and support fund of 300,000 yuan for each innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration team; the convenience services such as spouse (children) employment, children's school enrollment, etc. attract broad attention.

Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Chongqing has put the spirit of General secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition of talent work and his speech during the inspection of Chongqing fully into effect, deepened the action plan to invigorate the city with science and education and strengthen the city with talented people, implemented a more proactive, open and effective talent policy, and further created an friendly and attracting talent development environment. Thus, Chongqing will attract, retain and use all kinds of talented people, and focus on bringing together talents from all over the world.

By the end of 2018, Chongqing had 5.276 million talents, 154,000 more than that in 2017, adding 255 national-level talents. The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, National University of Singapore and 16 other well-known universities were introduced to jointly run schools. The headquarters of famous enterprises such as Alibaba and Tencent, as well as 31 high-end R&D institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Intel FPGA China innovation centre were located in Chongqing. Professor Liu Hanlong, Professor Xie Gengxin and others from Chongqing University cultivated the first plant bud on the moon. Since the second half of last year, academicians have come to Chongqing almost every week for exchange...

 Talents from all over the world gather in Chongqing for innovation, entrepreneurship and the future. Nowadays, Chongqing is becoming a place where excellent talents yearn for, gather together and start their businesses.


Source: Chongqing Daily

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