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Chongqing Covers 39 of the 41 National Industrial Categories in China

The 2022 China Industrial Software Conference will bring together industrial software exhibitions of 18 major enterprises and thematic forums on industrial software technology development and ecological cooperation, industrial software empowering automotive digital transformation, according to a press conference on July 25.

Changan Automobile Smart Factory at Liangjiang New Area. (Photo/ Visual Chongqing)

As one of the theme activities of the Smart China Expo 2022, the conference will open at Chongqing Yuzhou Hotel on July 27, with the theme of “software empowering manufacturing, digital motivating transformation.”

The conference will invite over 30 well-known experts and scholars, as well as over 100 major enterprises in the field of industrial software, to offer suggestions, exchange opportunities, and cooperate in the development of the industrial software industry in Chongqing and China.

One of the five top node cities

Chongqing covers 39 of the 41 industrial categories in China with different application scenarios, said Zhao Gang, member of the Party Group of the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, at the press conference.

He believes the manufacturing enterprise industry is widely distributed, and there is a strong demand for smart transformation.

Focusing on the automobile, electronics, equipment, and energy industries, the continuous opening-up of industrial software application scenarios will provide the best test samples, the most comprehensive application scenarios, and the most promising market space for industrial software.

Chongqing is one of the five top node cities of the identifier resolution system in the industrial Internet of things (IoT), equipped with leading 5G network coverage and a high-level data center.

“Chongqing possesses a large amount of shared data and strong computing support,” said Zhao. “It will be conducive to the precipitation of industrial knowledge, mechanism models and technologies, and empower enterprises to conduct digital transformation and the integrated innovation of industrial software.”

Future Plan for Chongqing’s Industrial Internet and Intelligent Manufacturing (iChongqing file photo)

Building a “Chongqing Software World”

 The commercial buildings in Yuzhong District have both an innovative and entrepreneurial atmosphere and a quality living environment, and are a suitable carrier for the development of the software and information service industry, said Huang Xiaoming, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yuzhong District Committee, administrative vice president of Yuzhong District Government.

“Focusing on the Digital Economy Industrial Park in the Headquarter of Chongqing and Hualongqiao International Business District, we are planning to build a ‘Chongqing Software World’, expanding the stock carrier of 700,000 square meters,” said Huang.

Huang continued that the action plan is not merely a plan but aims to promote industrial upgrading. Next, Yuzhong District will gather the three characteristic industries, including industrial software, information innovation, and blockchain, to develop other digital industries.

“For example, we will cultivate and expand industrial software,” said Huang.

 Based on the development logic of design modeling, simulation analysis, digital process, industrial control, and lifecycle product management, Yuzhong District will focus on the research and development of design software, production control software, and business management software, encouraging the development of industrial apps.

Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street in Yuzhong District. (iChongqing/ Mikkel Larsen)


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