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Chinese and Singaporean Enterprises Discuss Cooperation in 3D Printing

The Singapore-China (Chongqing) 3D-Printing Business E-Connects held in southwestern China’s Chongqing Municipality on May 24 focused on developing 3D printing, new technology in the printing industry. 

It aimed to help companies from China and Singapore have barrier-free communication in the epidemic context. The event attracted more than 20 enterprises from Chongqing and Singapore to connect precisely with each other.


3D-printed vase. (iChongqing file photo)

The light shines for 20 seconds, and the physical object appears. It’s about magical 3D printing.  

“3D printing will affect the value-added part of the global manufacturing industry worth 4 trillion to 6 trillion U.S. dollars,” said Zhao Hua, head of China Market, HP 3D printing, at the meeting.

In the face of a huge market with broad prospects, what else needs to be done to develop the application of 3D printing? Zhao Hua believes that the large-scale industrialization of 3D printing can be accelerated through program cooperation, ecosystem cooperation, and cross-regional cooperation.

Zhao Hua, head of China Market, HP 3D printing, is delivering a speech. (iChongqing/ Shihan Yang)

Three companies, including Singapore’s Osteopore Pte Ltd, introduced their development and advantages and the technology and services of  3D printing, respectively, and sent out cooperation invitations to Chongqing companies. Five Chinese companies, including Chongqing Institute of Optics and Mechanics Co., Ltd and Chongqing Huagang Technology Co., Ltd., proposed cooperation intentions and needs.

In addition, the Chongqing Big Data Development Bureau and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) interpreted the China-Singapore information, communication, information and media innovation, and development funding support policies at the meeting, and Bishan District introduced the investment promotion policy, and “real money” supports Sino-Singapore enterprises to carry out cooperation.

For example, in the medical field, Osteopore Pte Ltd, a Singaporean company focused on bone repair, can produce implants suitable for craniofacial bone repair with 3D printing technology. The company expects to find partners through the e-connect meeting to develop or apply its new bone repair products.

Among the Chinese companies, Chongqing Pharmaceutical (Group) Yihe Health Co., Ltd. introduced, “We have established long-term and good cooperative relations with many large hospitals in western China. These hospitals need 3D printing products such as bone implants, and we are willing to cooperate with 3D printing companies to bring their products to these hospitals.”

Based on this meeting, enterprises from China and Singapore will continue to connect with each other according to their needs.

Mr. Dennis Ling, Executive Director, Enterprise, A*STAR, said that for the 3D printing industry, Singapore had established the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC) to help develop the ASEAN 3D printing market. At the first cross-border event, “Singapore-China(Chongqing) Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Exchange Conference,” held during the 2021 Smart Expo, Chongqing and Singaporean companies have laid a foundation for cooperation. Through this event, A*STAR will continue to support enterprises from China and Singapore to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results and expand cross-border market cooperation opportunities.

Chongqing and Singapore enjoy a deep foundation for cooperation (iChongqing file photo)

Chu Bin, deputy director of the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity Administrative Bureau (CCIB), said that the in-depth discussion of this meeting has given Chinese and Singapore companies a broader space for cooperation in the field of 3D printing technology, and provided service guarantee and promoted mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides.


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