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First Sichuan-Chongqing trans-provincial bus route opens

Tongnan-Moxi bus route opens (Photographed by Luo Lie)

Recently, the bus route from Tongnan, Chongqing to Moxi, Suining, Sichuan opened. This is also the first trans-provincial intercity bus route in the district and county adjacent to the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle.

Running: about 1 hour for the whole journey and the starting price is 2 yuan

The Tongnan-Moxi bus route, with a total length of 29 km, starts from Jiangbei Bus Station in Tongnan and ends at Moxi Bus Station in Suining city. It takes about one hour for the whole journey.

Operated by Chongqing Transportation Holding (Group) Co. Ltd., this trans-provincial intercity bus route has 35 stops, including 27 in Chongqing and 8 in Sichuan. It passes by Shuangjiang Town, Jieqiao, Dujia Dayuan and other places. The interval of shifts in the beginning is 30 minutes for peak period and 45 - 60 minutes for low period.

The ticket price of this route is a ladder system, starting at 2 yuan, and the highest ticket price for the whole journey is 5 yuan. The ticket price from Shuangjiang to Moxi is only 2 yuan, and you can take the bus with your public traffic card. In addition, the ticket price reduction and exemption policy for the relevant preferential group is also carried out.

Convenience: public traffic card can be used and it makes nearly 1 million people along the route travel easily

“With this trans-provincial intercity bus route, it is more convenient to travel between Suining and Tongnan.” Kong Chengzhang, who lives in Suining and runs a factory in Shuangjiang Town, said that although there is a shuttle bus from Suining City to Moxi Town before, there is no shuttle bus from Moxi Town to Tongnan. So he drives to and from work before. The one-way journey is 30 km, taking 50 minutes of driving. The cost of travel for a day is about 70 yuan. Now we can take a bus to Moxi Town, and then transfer to the trans-provincial intercity bus to Shuangjiang. The drive is only about 1 hour, and the travel cost will be greatly reduced.

It is worth mentioning that Sichuan and Chongqing are also accelerating the interconnectivity of traffic card. The “China T-union” card of the Ministry of Transport are adopted in both places in this pilot project, which can realize the use of trans-provincial public traffic card and effectively improve the convenient payment. The ticket price abides by the relevant public transport policy. Its full ticket price is 5 yuan, compared with the shift bus fare of 8 yuan, the travel cost will be greatly reduced. In addition, the reduction and exemption of ticket prices and other preferential policies for the elderly, students and other groups are implemented, which makes public travel more affordable. (Translated by Mao Qiao, Fathom Language Limited)


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