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Chengdu — Chongqing — Guizhou loop line railway in service

The railway route from Chongqingxi to Chongqingxi opened on April 12. (Online screenshot)

At 8:10 on the morning of April 10, the C6017 high-speed train departed from Chengdudong Railway Station, marking the official opening of the Sichuan — Chongqing — Guizhou inter-provincial loop-line high-speed railway. This is the first time for the China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Company to operate three pairs of high-quality trains in the three sections of Chengdu — Chongqing, Chongqing — Guizhou and Chengdu — Guizhou in the early, middle and late evenings, realizing the rapid transportation network of 1.5 hours between Chengdu — Chongqing, 2 hours between Chongqing — Guizhou and 3 hours between Chengdu — Guizhou. At that time, you just need 8 hours and 9 minutes to travel around three provinces, namely Sichuan, Chongqing and Guizhou, and the Chengdu —Chongqing —Guiyang circle can be officially formed.

There are 3 pairs of bullet trains on the loop line: C6017 / 6018 from Chengdudong to Chengdudong, C6014 / 6015 / 6016 from Chongqingxi to Chongqingxi, and C6012 / 6011 from Guiyangbei to Guiyangbei. It will pass through Ziyang, Neijiang, Yongchuan, Qijiang, Zunyi, Bijie, Yibin, Leshan and other cities, the whole journey of 1290 km. From April 12, the bullet train C6014 of Chongqingxi — Chongqingxi Loop Line will leave Chongqingxi Railway Station at 10:31. The train will run counterclockwise through Chengdu — Guizhou high-speed railway, Chongqing — Guizhou railway and Chengdu — Chongqing high-speed railway. The train will stop at three high-speed railway stations, namely Bijie, Guiyangbei and Zunyi. It is expected to arrive at Chongqingxi at 18:35 on that day. The journey will take 8 hours and 4 minutes.

The high-speed loop-line railway itself is not unusual. Before the Chengdu — Chongqing — Guizhou high-speed railway, there was more than one high-speed loop-line railway in China, but it is the first large high-speed loop-line railway across three provincial administrative regions. (Translated by Luo Juan, Fathom Language Limited)

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