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A Message of Best Wishes to Foreign Friends in Chongqing /致在渝外籍人士的一封慰问信

A Message of Best Wishes to Foreign Friends in Chongqing

Dear foreign friends,

At the critical juncture of fighting against the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) epidemic, the Foreign Affairs Office of the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government would like to pay high tribute and extend sincere wishes to you all!

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Chongqing has taken the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough control measures to ensure a decisive victory against the virus. These efforts have already yielded tangible results which evidence themselves in the following figures:

• From 3 February to 14 February, the newly reported confirmed cases across Chongqing decreased from 37 to 8;

• 152 patients were cured and discharged from hospital;

• 0 confirmed/suspected case has been reported among expats.

The above-mentioned facts are the demonstration of our capability and confidence to secure an early victory against the epidemic.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Your kindness has deeply touched our heartstrings at this trying time. Dear friends, wherever you come from and whatever language you speak, you share our weal and woe and tide over difficulties together in the battle between human and virus. Miles apart, close at heart. Standing together, we have built up a mighty force to win a victory against the virus.

We stay strong thanks to your firm support and trust. In the face of a sudden outbreak, you chose to stay rather than leave, fighting shoulder to shoulder with the 33 million Chongqing people. Your incredible courage and trust are what we believe to be the fountain nourishing the tree of our friendship.

We stay strong thanks to your full understanding and cooperation. Your study, work and life have inevitably been affected recently. Under such circumstances, you have responded well to our calls to enhance self-protection and restrain from group activities. Your understanding and cooperation are what we believe to be the foundation of sound atmosphere and orderly organization during the hard time.

We stay strong thanks to your generosity and encouragement. No one stands as an onlooker in this battle, be it foreign consular officers, overseas students or foreign nationals who work in or travel to Chongqing. You have pepped us up either through donating medical supplies and protective equipment, providing procurement information or sending your best wishes through videos or letters. Your generous help and encouraging messages are what impressed us and what we believe to be the best example of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Dear foreign friends, we are at the most decisive juncture where efforts must not be slackened for us to embrace a victory just in sight. We hope that you can continue to walk hand in hand with us in that your staunch support, full trust and active cooperation can surely help us secure a triumph over the epidemic.  

No winter lasts long while spring has already come. We hope to get together with you once again amidst spring blossoms. Let’s take a stroll at Jiefangbei, make a selfie at Hongyadong, enjoy a yummy hotpot, and appreciate the beauty of Chongqing where we can always renew our friendship and cement our cooperation.

With that, we sincerely wish you good health and happiness!

Foreign Affairs Office 

Chongqing Municipal People’s Government
















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