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The opinions to support the reform and development of private enterprises have

The central committee of the communist party of China (CPC) and the state council recently issued the "opinions on creating a better development environment to support the reform and development of private enterprises" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions").The 28 guidelines put forward a series of important policies and measures to create a long-term stable development environment and promote the reform and innovation, transformation and upgrading, and healthy development of private enterprises, which quickly aroused a warm response among private enterprises in Chongqing. Entrepreneurs in our city said that the opinions will provide new driving forces for the further reform and development of enterprises.

Tu Jianhua said, immediate actions will be taken by private enterprises in Chongqing. They will work hard, like starting a business again, to overcome the biggest obstacle of transformation and upgrading and to conquer the most difficult problem---innovative development, so as to make greater contribution for speeding up to build a modernized economy.

"I have carefully read the document for many times, and deeply felt that the 28 opinions on dry goods are based on solid facts. They directly hit the difficulties, pain points and blockage points that private enterprises are facing at present, so as to make efforts precisely." Tu jianhua, chairman of chongqing federation of industry and commerce and chairman of longxin holding co., LTD., said that the opinions have greatly enhanced the confidence and determination of chongqing's private enterprises to get out of difficulties and move towards high-quality development, and are of great significance to creating a market-oriented, law-based and international business environment.

Xue Fangquan, chairman of Minsheng energy (group) co., LTD., believes that for a long time, the difficulties in access, financing, payment collection, rights protection and transformation have been hindering and restricting the high-quality development of private enterprises.The guidelines further liberalized market access for private enterprises, improved the direct financing support system for private enterprises, and promoted the healthy growth of private enterprises and private entrepreneurs. A fair environment will be a timely help for reform and development of private enterprise.

You Hongtao, chairman of chongqing Huasen pharmaceutical co., LTD., said that the guidelines require functional departments to study and formulate specific routes and methods for market access for private enterprises in different sectors, sectors and businesses, as well as clear road maps and timetables. A fair market environment will boost the energy of private entrepreneurs.

"What excites me most about the guidelines is the specific requirements for private enterprises to 'promote refined management of quality, brand, finance and marketing'."Gong daxing, chairman of xinyuan group and SWM Siwei automobile, said this is also the practical path for private enterprises to achieve high-quality development.

Source: Chongqing Daily

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