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Picture representation of ChongQing in 2019


New &high-tech industry park of Wan Sheng Economic development Zone, the first large-scale antenna feeder testing laboratory of southwest-----5G antenna feeder testing laboratory has established and come into use. The total construction area of this laboratory is over two square meters and it qualifies a perfect antenna feeder testing ability. (Photographed on 28th, Nov.)

Photo by Luzhou Wang


Smart town

This is at Phoenix lake industry park of Yongchuan high-tech district, Great Wall motor co. LTD Chongqing branch. The robot of intelligent workshop is working. (Photographed on 22th, Oct.)

Photo by Shichuan Chen


Open highlands

Now, officially approved by the state council, port of orchard has become an open port, which is another important achievement in Chongqing of building up inland open highlands.

Photo by Jiangang He


At Smart China Expo

At the site of Smart China Expo, people put on 3D glasses to watch 5D films. It was personally on the scene. (Photographed on 28th, Aug.)

Photo by Zhibin, Zhong


At Wisdom City

In 2019, Alibaba intelligent Chongqing center has been built. It will help Chongqing create industries like big data and AI and so on in the fiels like Intelligent Manufacturing platform, the Internet of Things platform, ICV, New retail, new fiance and urban data brain.

Photo by Bin Luo


Smart life

At wisdom experience park located in Lijia, a citizen is experiencing to store personal effects by using face recognition smart storage cabinet.

Photo by Jinhui Zhang


“Belt and Road”

A special train loading totally 125 carloads is setting off from Unity village of Sha Pingba district, which marks the beginning of whole-vehicle export normal train of “New land-sea passage”.

(Photographed on 8th, May)

Photo by Bin Luo

We are about to say goodbye to the year of 2019. This is not only a struggling year, but also a harvested year.

In this year, big data intellectualization has led a new-form development of Chongqing. Except, there are also significant changes happened in production scenarios.

Some burdensome and tedious jobs have been passed to robots, telemedicine has replaced the form of people going back and forth and a production workshop of a machinery enterprise can be felt as quiet as in a library.

“smart factor” blending in traditional production process brings a new improvement of production process and leads Chongqing constantly improve to high ends.

After the closing of the second Smart China Expo, Chongqing has ambitiously set its new goals: concentrating on building Smart Town and Smart City. Chongqing will construct smart industry, smart production and smart application as one whole via developing industries like big data, AI, integrated circuit, intelligent supercomputers, intelligent robot, ICVs, intelligent manufacturing equipment,etc.

In this year, innovation driving enhance the developing force of Chongqing which made economic development gaining a qualified and effective improvement.

There is a set of data can reflect this kind of change. Since this year, Chongqing has put much effort on developing Smart Production project so as to quickly energized traditional industries by utilizing Smart Production. Finally, not only more than 1,000 projects were changed by using smart means, but also following a sharply rise of technical renovation investment and it accounts for 40% of the city’s industrial investment.

From January to October, this year, the added value of strategic emerging industry and high technology industry of the whole city have respectively added 11.5% and 12.5% as compared to the same time of last year. Their contribution rate to city’s economy growth respectively are 40% and 36%.

In this year, expanding opening up brings Chongqing a new situation and a ever smooth and broad open developing road.

In 2019, Chongqing planed to do a good job in Six Stability to reinforce open inland. This December, the state council officially approve to open port of orchard, which show, even Chongqing is without the sea, but by virtue of implementing new development concept and putting all effort to build one part, it can cultivate inland new develop advantage, taking the lead in open in West.

To stand on the dock of port of orchard and watch hundreds of large ships struggling for the advancement, in the east, Chongqing elaborately built a golden waterway of Yangtze river, accomplishing goods transportation of 1.47 million tons just in the first three quarters.

To listen to the sound of rolling wheels, in the west, the driving quality of China-Europe trains linking Eurasia ranks among the top in the country. In the south, trains called land and sea new channel combined transport by rail and sea has realized its goal of everyday frequency to EU. In the north, “Manchuria-chongqing-Russia” trains has connected China and Russia, keeping a week leave frequency.

Tablet PC, smart phones and LED made in Chongqing have been packaged and loaded, being sold to the world along this channel. Fresh fruits, aquatic product from Southeast Asia and all kinds of industrial raw materials are also imported through this channel to improve development of Chongqing and satisfy citizen’s qualified life.

This October, as the promotion meeting of Chongqing in all directions blending in “ jointly build One Belt and One Road, accelerate the construction of inland open highland” convenes, Chongqing has been poised to speed its construction pace of inland highland.

Source: Chongqing Daily

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