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How does Chongqing make it into the top 10 "Prosperous Cities in China"

The 2019 China Prosperous Cities Forum for a New Era, co-sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Renmin University of China, was held in Beijing on December 6. Chongqing, along with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, was named one of the top 10 "Prosperous Cities in China" on the forum. Among them, Chongqing domestic garbage classification four-level instructor system and Bishan district "enterprise home" were respectively awarded with China's prosperous city management innovation example and China's prosperous city optimization business environment innovation example.

More than 2.8 million people participated in the survey, which covered 100 large and medium-sized cities in China and the survey takes the form of public survey, sample survey and big data collection. As an inland city, how did Chongqing stand out from the country's 100 cities and become one of the top 10 "prosperity cities of China"?

Chongqing ranked second concerning urban environmental recognition

The forum released the 2019 China Prosperity Cities Index Survey Report, which gives the ranking and analysis of the cities on the list. Chongqing ranked second among cities on the list for recognition of its urban environment.

Wu Jiaxin, secretary general of the China urban prosperity index survey and evaluation committee, believes that such a ranking is inseparable from Chongqing's enthusiasm for tourists.

During the National Day holiday this year, tourists from other parts of the country came to Chongqing, visiting scenic spots including Hongya cave and Chaotianmen. According to statistics, more than 38 million people visited Chongqing during the National Day holiday, more than the total population of Chongqing. In an effort to free up space for tourists, authorities in Chongqing sent text messages to residents urging locals to avoid the hot spots and received a strong local response to this call. The message of "spoiling tourists" quickly went viral on Chinese media, with netizens praising Chongqing as "the city that spoils tourists the most".

"It shows the hospitality of Chongqing people on the one hand, and its attraction to tourists on the other."Wu Jiaxin said that the urban environment in Chongqing has improved greatly in recent years, and what impressed her most was "street office". The so-called "street office" means that the city administration department will set the office in the street. "Do it in the street, do it immediately and do it well" has become the norm of urban management.

"Thanks to the effective implementation of the above measures, we found in the survey that Chongqing citizens have a strong sense of belonging to the city, and the city is no worse than other prosperous cities in terms of recognition of its urban environment."Wu Jiaxin said.

The national initiative of "four-level guidance system for household garbage classification"

At the beginning of this year, Chongqing launched a four-level guidance system for household garbage classification. At this forum, the system was honored as "China's prosperous city management innovation example". "Four-level instructor system for household garbage classification" refers to the establishment of a four-level instructor team at the municipal level, district and county level, town and street level and community level to publicize the regulations, standards and knowledge of waste classification, guide and supervise the behavior of household garbage classification, and improve the citizen participation rate and the accuracy of garbage classification.

"The system has established a long-term mechanism for garbage classification to be managed from top to bottom, taught others of mass policies, and supervised by others in the implementation of garbage classification." Through comparative analysis with other cities, the practice was found to be the first of its kind in China, Wu Jiaxin said.

"Some cities have garbage sorting instructors, but most have no hierarchy." Wu Jiaxin said that the four-level instructor system is based on the reality of Chongqing set up. Team members mainly comes from the urban management department engaged in garbage classification management, party members and cadres, keen on environmental protection public welfare undertakings of NPC and CPPCC, community grid administrators, managers of buildings, grass-roots party members, volunteers and sanitation cleaning personnel, etc. Covering a wide area, each level of garbage classification instructor work can be deep into the grass-roots line.

"No matter at what level, to become a garbage sorting instructor, you need to go through strict screening. In addition to going through primary elections and professional training, you need to pass a systematic assessment combining theory with practical operation before you can officially start your job." City administration bureau related person introduced.

According to statistics, the number of four-level instructors for household garbage classification in Chongqing has exceeded 5000, which has played a greater role in promoting garbage classification. At present, all levels of party and government organs and public institutions have achieved full coverage of the garbage classification system, the main urban residential garbage classification system covers 48 streets and towns, 367 communities, more than 1.61 million households, and the domestic garbage recycling rate reached 28%.

The "enterprise house" outside the office building has brought about a big change in the business climate

Chongqing ranked seventh in the doing business index. Wu Jiaxin said that the survey found that the business environment in Chongqing has improved significantly, and several cases are representative. For example, Hemaxiansheng opened a store in Chongqing. It took only two months for the company to open its business, which was originally planned to take three months. The highly efficient approval process in Chongqing received praises from Hema preparatory staff.

Another example is the "enterprise home" in Bishan district. It is the enterprise work service station established in Xiuhu park Shuijie in bishan district. It was awarded the "innovation example of optimizing business environment in China's prosperous cities" in the forum. The "enterprise house" has two characteristics: first, it is built in Xiuhu street outside the government offices, located in the park in Bishan district, enjoyed a beautiful environment; Second, the communication environment is very harmonious. Government workers and entrepreneurs chat while drinking tea and communicating face to face.

Source: Chongqing Daily

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