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Wanzhou bonded logistics center (A)

Wanzhou bonded logistics center is the first type A bonded logistics center directly under the central government of Chongqing. It was approved and established by the General Administration of Customs in December 2014. On September 22, 2015, Chongqing Customs, Chongqing Finance Bureau, Chongqing Foreign Exchange Department of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange and other superior departments formed an acceptance team, and Wanzhou bonded logistics center successfully passed the final acceptance and was officially closed to run.

Wanzhou bonded logistics center is located in the Tuokou port area of Jiangnan new area, with a planned land area of 70 mu, a total construction area of 8,100 square meters, a total investment of 41.6 million yuan, and a warehouse area of 12,000 square meters in the first phase. Wanzhou bonded logistics center (A) integrates "bonded" and "logistics". The logistics center mainly carry out functions such as simple circulation processing and value-added services for the stored goods. For example, saves the enterprise time, improves the capital turnover rate, and saves the enterprise operation cost; domestic goods that go into the bonded logistics center is equivalent to export goods, thus they can enjoy export tax rebate; a conversion platform from export to domestic sales; global procurement and international allocation and distribution; transit trade and international transit; etc. In the future, it will mainly carry out bonded import warehousing business, provide tax refund service for export products in advance, develop bonded commodity display and trade, and develop cross-border e-commerce, to meet the needs of enterprises and consumers.

The construction of this bonded logistics center will effectively fill the gap of bonded logistics service in the three gorges reservoir area and improve the level of Wanzhou's opening to the outside world. It will give full play to the scale effect of logistics resources and bring new opportunities for the development of Wanzhou port and the export-oriented economic development of Wanzhou district. It will effectively reduce the operating costs of import and export enterprises in Wanzhou district and promote the development of processing trade and other businesses. Relying on the bonded logistics center, Wanzhou could promote cross-border e-commerce and bonded exhibition and sales of new trade forms to settle in Wanzhou.

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