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Bonded Logistics Center for Orchards (Type B)

Chongqing Orchard Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) is located on the west side of Yufu Park and Orchard Port in Liangjiang New Area. The approved construction area of the Bonded Logistics Center is 0.2 square kilometers, ranging from east to Longgang Road, south to Port Road, West to Tiangang Road and north to Fuhong Avenue. Chongqing Orchard Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) will operate many businesses in the future, including import bonded warehousing and bonded logistics, and create an inland logistics port that meets the development of modern bonded logistics. The operation of imported goods can be based on the existing industries in Liangjiang New Area, including productive raw materials, automobile and motorcycle parts, machinery. Equipment, large-scale construction machinery accessories and daily necessities,

The bonded logistics center can enjoy the bonded policy, ease the pressure of enterprise tax funds, provide VMI and regional distribution services for industrial manufacturing enterprises in Liangjiang New Area, provide imported goods distribution services for duty-free shops and large wholesale markets, and process and trade enterprises in processing the deep processing and carry-over of finished products and finished products. When selling, we can make full use of the policy advantages of bonded logistics center, change the deep processing carry-over business from customs clearance after passing in and out to transit through bonded logistics center, and simplify the examination and approval procedures for domestic sales by entering electronic accounts of finished products.

At present, the industry cluster in the fruit park area has gathered automobile manufacturing, high-end equipment and modern service industries, including many automobile and high-end manufacturing enterprises, such as Beijing Hyundai, Chang'an Automobile, Dongfeng Well-off, SAIC General Wuling and other vehicle enterprises, as well as Korean sk, Puxiang, Huayu Mainland and Momo. Bis, Hantai tyres, Yamazaki automotive instruments, Nimak, Yanfeng Johnson, Shuangying, Fittlemogu and Manhumoore automotive parts and supporting enterprises, as well as rail train production and maintenance platform focusing on Long Passenger Railway Company and Chongqing Navigation, Pilatus, Switzerland, the production of aircraft engines, Bolint and so on. High-end manufacturing enterprises have formed the demand for import, export and allocation of large-scale, centralized supply vehicles and other manufacturing industries and spare parts. At the same time, Chongqing Orchard Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) has convenient transportation, convenient and developed three-dimensional transportation network in its location area. The Yangtze River Gold Waterway, Yuhuai Railway, Yuli Railway, Yuwan Railway, Southeast Railway Ring Line, Yuyi High-speed, Round-the-City High-speed and Two-River Ring Line meet here, 26 kilometers away from Jiangbei International Airport. It can radiate related customers in Southwest China, South China, Central China and ASEAN to provide international transit and bonded goods distribution services.

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