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Unity Village Railway Bonded Logistics Center (Type B)

Chongqing West Logistics Park (Unity Village Railway Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) was established in September 2007 by the 40th Mayor's Office Council, with a planned area of 35.5 square kilometers. It is an inland bonded logistics park relying on Tuanjie Village Railway Container Center Station and Xinglongchang Extra Large Railway Marshalling Station. It is the starting station of the "Yuxin Europe", "Yuqian Guixin" International Trade Corridor and the location of the Chongqing Railway Port. It is an important part of Chongqing Free Trade Zone and an important part of Chongqing Free Trade Zone. It is also approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.“ Railway logistics base, national service standardization pilot park and the first batch of municipal key logistics parks in the overall logistics planning of "Three Bases, Three Ports" won the first batch of "National Demonstration Logistics Park".

The park has completed 23 land transfer projects including 36.6 billion yuan in fixed assets investment, 38.183 a unit of area of land expropriation, 40 kilometers of road construction, and signed into PetroChina, medicine and Yonghui. More than 1500 enterprises have been introduced into the park. Containers in the central station handled a total of 2.72 million standard boxes, and marshalling stations shunted 270,000 trains.

Around the goal of building "one hub and three centers" (international railway multimodal transport hub, railway logistics center, international trade center and logistics supply chain financial center), the Park focuses on the development of logistics, trade and finance three major industrial chains. Signed in Australia Jiamin, Singapore Fengshu, Italy Veron and many other top international and domestic logistics supply chain enterprises. Introduce leading international trade enterprises and platforms such as Jeffrey France, Fengqu Haitao, Shunfeng, etc. The introduction of Wanda Small Credit, China Reclamation Finance Lease, Chongqing Financial Services Platform Company and other logistics supply chain financial platform enterprises. An open port economic and industrial system based on hub, port and bonded is preliminarily constructed.

The park has obvious advantages in location and transportation, and is located between the inner and outer rings. It is adjacent to Xiyong Microelectronics Industrial Park and Chongqing University City. It is an important functional area of the new town in Western Chongqing. It has a favorable location to undertake industrial transfer in the inner ring and urban space expansion. At the same time, the park gathers 12 resources of "three international corridors, three railway facilities, three open platforms and three operation brands", which is an important support for the construction of inland open Highlands in Chongqing.

 "Three International Channels"

The International Trade Corridor between Yuxin and Europe, starting from the Chongqing Railway Port, departs from Alashan Port in Xinjiang, and travels through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland to Duisburg, Germany. The total length of the corridor is 11,179 kilometers. It takes only 13 days, saving more than 20 days compared with sea transportation.

Under the framework of China-Singapore (Chongqing) strategic interconnection demonstration project, China-Singapore interconnection south-bound Rail-sea transport corridor starts from Chongqing Railway Port, travels southward through Guizhou and Guangxi by rail transport, goes to sea from Beibu Gulf of Guangxi, connects Central-South Peninsula countries and Singapore, and realizes "one belt" and "one road" in physics. Seamless connection in space.

The Chongqing-Manchuria-Russia International Railway Intermodal Transport Corridor is a major railway crossing from Chongqing Railway Port to Central and Eastern Europe through Manzhouli Port and Russia in Inner Mongolia. The corridor is interconnected with international logistics corridors such as west-to-west "Yuxin-Europe" and Sino-Singapore-South to promote the formation of an international railway hub at railway ports and help Chongqing build a landlocked country. International logistics hub. At present, the "Chongqing-Manchuria-Russia" class has run 20 classes.

"Three Railway Facilities"

Tuanjiecun Railway Container Center Station is one of the 18 railway container centers in China. Construction started in November 2007 and opened in December 2009. After completion, it will achieve an annual handling capacity of 1.65 million standard boxes. It is one of the most modernized and internationalized railway freight equipment, facilities and information equipment in China.

Xinglongchang Railway Marshalling Station is the largest, most fully equipped and most advanced marshalling station in Southwest China. It covers an area of 5400 mu, a total length of 6600 meters, and has a total investment of 3.2 billion yuan. It started construction in 2010. It will be put into trial operation at the end of 2013. After completion, the daily marshalling capacity will reach 25,000 units, which will be the current capacity of Chongqing West Marshalling Station. Five times.

There are many domestic railway lines in the park, including Yulan, Yuxiang, Yuqian, Yukun, Yuhuai, Yuli and other major domestic railway lines, as well as the West Ring Line of Chongqing Railway. At present, many freight lines have been opened, such as Lanzhou-Chongqing, Chongqing-Shangh,Chongqing-Yong, Chongqing-Shenzhen, Chongqing-Guizhou and so on. It is an important railway hub radiating the whole western part of China and connecting Central Asia and Europe.

"Three Open Platforms"

Chongqing Free Trade Pilot Zone, logistics park is one of the important components of Xiyong District of Chongqing Free Trade Zone. A total of 7.84 square kilometers are included in the scope of the Free Trade Zone, focusing on the development of bonded logistics, transfer allocation, international trade, supply chain finance and other productive services.

The strategic interconnection demonstration project of China-Singapore (Chongqing) is based on Chongqing as the operation center, focusing on cooperation in four areas: transportation logistics, financial services, aviation industry, information and communication. Logistics park is one of the important carriers in the logistics field of the project, and has now realized the normal operation of the south-facing corridor.

Chongqing National Inspection Comprehensive Test Zone is based on the model of "One Nuclear and Three Zones" (Chongqing Free Trade Test Zone as the core, waterport, railway and airport ports as the carrier) to carry out pilot construction. Railway Zone (West Logistics Park) focuses on serving the "Central European" shift, focusing on improving the radiation capacity of railway ports. Good designation of port system, enrich the types and quantities of imported products of "Yuxin Europe".

"Three Operating Brands"

Chongqing Railway Port is a national first-class port which was temporarily opened to the outside world on December 25, 2013, approved by the State Port Office. It is a new measure to expand the inland opening and a significant strategic opportunity for Chongqing to build an inland open highland. The total planned area of the port is 1.97 square kilometers, including 0.72 square kilometers of railway port land and 1.25 square kilometers of railway bonded logistics center (type B).

Chongqing Vehicle Import Port, approved on July 1, 2014, passed the national acceptance on October 16, 2014. It covers an area of about 7.7 hectares and has a construction area of about 15,000 square meters. At present, more than 6000 vehicles have been imported, ranking first in the new batch of inland vehicle ports.

Chongqing Railway Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) was approved on October 13, 2014. It passed the acceptance by four ministries and commissions on November 18, 2015. The overall planning area is about 1.25 square kilometers. It can carry out import bonded, export rebate, transit trade, international procurement and distribution business. At present, the first phase has been completed and put into use 579,900 square meters bonded warehouse. The total construction area of the first phase A block project is about 579,000 square meters, the second phase 46,000 square meters ordinary warehouse and 37,000 square meters bonded frozen warehouse. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

Industrial Planning

The six functional sections of "Railway Function Zone, Railway Port Bonded Zone, Logistics Intermodal Transport Zone, International Business District, Port Industry Development Zone and Port International Community" are laid out to promote the formation of industrial ecological chain.

  1. Railway functional area: 7.2 square kilometers. The basic functional area of the park is the land for marshalling yard, container center station and railway line of Xinglong yard.

2. Free Trade Zone of Railway Port: 2.7 square kilometers. Including ports and B-protected functional areas, warehousing and logistics center as the main body, supporting the construction of customs clearance and inspection and other supporting services. Emphasis is laid on the layout of vehicle import ports, seedlings, meat, fruits, timber, medicine ports, warehousing logistics centers, port supporting service centers.

3. Logistics intermodal transport area: 2.5 square kilometers. To support the regional logistics industry as the core, improve the functions of distribution and distribution, focusing on the layout of high-end warehousing, customized logistics services, international express distribution center, multi-modal transport service platform.

4. International Business District: 7 square kilometers. The headquarters base and high-end commercial and financial service center of the park will be built around Wuyun Park, and the financial and commercial information service platform, complex function exhibition and trade complex, international trade logistics service and experience exhibition and marketing platform will be built in the rest of the region. Focus on international enterprise headquarters base, core business platform, financial service center, China-EU trade information service center, cross-border e-commerce experience center, international commodity exhibition platform, automobile exhibition and experience area.

5. Port Industrial Development Zone: 9.9 square kilometers. Build strategic emerging industry service base, circulation processing R&D platform, logistics value-added service center, light industry service area (assembly, maintenance), industry education and training base, TOD development area and industry supporting life service area.

6. Port International Community: 6.2 square kilometers. The comprehensive demonstration area of production-city integration is divided into three districts for spatial layout. District I plans to build industrial supporting residential areas to build low-carbon ecological livable Yile high-quality international port community; District II and III mutually benefit and promote each other with Wandawen Brigade City on the West side, to build international education, cultural exchange platform, large health and cultural tourism leisure platform, and to develop high-end industrial talent community at the same time.

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