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Fuling Comprehensive Bonded Zone

In October 2018, the State Council formally approved the request of the Chongqing Municipal People's Government and the General Administration of Customs by State Letter No. 125, and agreed to establish Fuling Comprehensive Free Trade Zone in Chongqing. Fuling Comprehensive Free Trade Zone in Chongqing is located in the southwest of Fuling New Town, which is located at the junction of Yangtze River and Wujiang River in central Chongqing. It is adjacent to the North Bank of Yangtze River and across the river from Longtou Port. The planned area is 2.7 square kilometres, with a supervisory operation area, a comprehensive management area, a bonded logistics area and a bonded processing area. The first phase is 1.82 square kilometres. As of October 2018, four factories and warehouses have been capped in the first phase, while the rest of the area has completed the construction of leveling and embankment earthwork, and the remaining infrastructure in the first phase will start construction in 2018. In terms of attracting investment, the bonded processing trade base of chafing dishes has been formally signed, and five bonded processing and cross-border e-commerce projects are being tracked.

Next step, Fuling Comprehensive Security Zone will accelerate infrastructure construction, actively introduce bonded processing projects featuring medical health and food processing, and focus on developing bonded logistics with multi-modal transport and standardized warehousing operations, as well as bonded services with exhibition transactions and cross-border e-commerce as the main components, so as to ensure that it can be realized on schedule next year. Closure operation and through the acceptance of the state ministries and commissions, strive to build an important fulcrum of Chongqing's inland open highland construction.

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