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Longevity Economic and Technological Development Zone

Changshou Economic Development Zone is a state-level economic and technological development zone approved by the State Council in 2010, with a planned management area of 73.6 square kilometers. It focuses on the development of five major industries: iron and steel metallurgy, equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, biomedicine and electronic information. It is a national pilot park for circular economy and a national demonstration base for new industrialized industries. Land, National Intellectual Property Demonstration Park, National New Materials and High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Base, National Industrial Waste Comprehensive Utilization Project Demonstration Base, China Steel Industry Demonstration Base, China's Top Ten Best Investment Environment Parks.

The Changshou Economic Development Zone has accumulated an area of 40 square kilometers. 320 well-known enterprises at home and abroad (18 of the world's top 500, 36 of the multinational corporations and 56 of the listed companies) have been introduced. The contract has attracted more than 331 billion yuan, and the fixed assets investment has reached 217.1 billion yuan, including 22.2 billion yuan in infrastructure investment, and 210 enterprises have been built up. There are 163 enterprises in the regulation. In 2017, the planned industrial output value was 84 billion yuan, an increase of 18.6%, fixed assets investment was 29.8 billion yuan, domestic investment was 16.35 billion yuan, tax revenue was 2.512 billion yuan, profit was 3.2 billion yuan, foreign investment was 150 million dollars, import and export was 7.2 billion yuan, and contract investment was 31 billion yuan.

In the future, Changshou Economic Development Zone will adhere to the concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and shared development, highlight innovation-driven development, transformation and upgrading development, green and harmonious development, and strive to promote the transformation and upgrading of leading industries and the development and growth of emerging industries. By 2020, the total development area will reach 60 square kilometers, and the total industrial output value is over 200 billion yuan, tax revenue is more than 5 billion yuan, and Chongqing Industrial Highland and the first-class national economic and Technological Development Zone have been built.

Leadership Introduction

Bachuanjiang :Director of Management Committee :: Presides over the overall work of the Economic Development Zone Management Committee.

Xiao Qinghua, deputy director of the Management Committee, is responsible for compilation, personnel, party affairs, administration and assessment; investment planning development, foreign trade, foreign affairs, scientific and technological innovation; financial and auditing work. In charge of office, Economic Development Bureau and Finance Bureau.

Ran Hong, Deputy Director of the Management Committee, is responsible for enterprise services, public works security, economic operation, statistics, safety in production, environmental protection, and infrastructure construction. In charge of the Economic Operation Bureau, the Safety Production Supervision and Administration, the Environmental Protection Bureau and the Group Company.

Tu Shanquan, deputy director of the management committee, is responsible for planning, land, municipal administration and construction management; land reserve, land requisition and demolition; emergency management; letters and visits to maintain stability and police office work. In charge of the Construction Administration, the Land Security Center and the Emergency Management Center.

Organizational structure


Responsible for the coordination of party affairs and government affairs; responsible for the organization and propaganda of important meetings and major activities of the Party and Labour Committee and the Management Committee; responsible for the handling of official documents, confidential computer and archives management; responsible for Party building, personnel organization, discipline inspection and supervision, and stability of letters and visits; responsible for the construction and management of government information and information technology. Responsible for government reception and financial management.

Economic Development Bureau

To organize and implement industrial development plans; to take the lead in formulating preferential policies for promoting industrial development and attracting investment; to coordinate and coordinate comprehensive investment promotion; to be responsible for the comprehensive management of foreign trade, economic cooperation and foreign investment; to be responsible for the management of science and technology, intellectual property protection and incubation of science and technology industries; and to exercise the prescribed powers of authority. To examine and approve, approve, examine and report capital construction projects; to be responsible for the approval and filing of investment projects of enterprises stationed in the opening area.

Construction Authority

Responsible for district planning; responsible for the management of construction market and construction activities; responsible for the approval and management of construction projects; responsible for the supervision and management of urban construction archives; responsible for the comprehensive development management of urban construction; responsible for the supervision and management of urban appearance and environment; responsible for the bidding, quality, safety supervision and construction licensing of construction projects.

Economic Operation Bureau

Responsible for the service and management of enterprises stationed in the economic development zone; responsible for the statistical work of the economic development zone; responsible for the coordination and management of energy, resources and public works in the economic development zone; responsible for guiding the enterprises stationed in the implementation of the national energy conservation and consumption reduction work; responsible for guiding the human resources and social security work of enterprises stationed in the economic development zone.

Finance Bureau

To formulate the relevant financial management system of the Economic Development Zone to guide the financial work; to compile and implement the annual financial budget and final accounts; to manage financial revenues and expenditures; to manage administrative fees, government funds and social security funds; to be responsible for the formulation and management of government procurement procedures; to be responsible for the supervision and management of the state-owned assets of the Economic Development Zone; and to be responsible for the economic development. Internal audit work within the opening area.

Safety Production Supervision and Administration

To be responsible for formulating safety production planning for economic development zones; to be responsible for daily supervision and management of safety production in hazardous chemicals, industry, mining, commerce and trade industries; to be responsible for supervision and inspection of the implementation of the "three simultaneous" of newly built, rebuilt and expanded project safety facilities and main projects; and to be responsible for administrative licensing of safety production and occupational health within the scope of authorization. Management work; responsible for organizing, directing and coordinating emergency rescue work in production safety.

Environmental Protection Agency

To be responsible for compiling and implementing environmental protection plans and annual plans of economic and Technological Development zones; to be responsible for supervision and management of environmental protection of economic and Technological Development zones; to organize and carry out environmental impact assessment of major economic and technological policies, development plans and construction projects of economic and Technological Development zones; Responsible for the "three simultaneous" administrative examination, approval, supervision and management of environmental protection; and to be responsible for environmental pollution. Supervisory management of prevention and control, investigation of ecological environment quality, supervision of exploitation and utilization of natural resources and construction of ecological environment that have an impact on ecological environment; responsible for environmental quality monitoring, monitoring of pollution sources and emergency monitoring of sudden environmental pollution; organizing and implementing the responsibility system of environmental protection objectives and urban environment protection Quantitative assessment, declaration of pollutant discharge, collection of pollutant discharge fees and deadline control system for comprehensive improvement of the environment; responsible for emergency command and dispatch of environmental pollution and ecological damage accidents.

Land Reserve Center

To provide services for optimizing the allocation of land resources and rational use of land in the Economic Development Zone, we are responsible for the implementation of specific work such as land acquisition, consolidation, reserve and transfer in the Economic Development Zone.

 Emergency Management Center

To be responsible for the establishment and management of the risk prevention system for environmental protection and safety in the open area; to be responsible for all-weather monitoring of major hazards and environmental sensitive points; responsible for emergency command in emergency situations such as safety, environmental protection, fire protection, chemical rescue.

Group company

Responsible for land development, land comprehensive renovation, infrastructure construction and public utilities supporting within the scope of Changshou Economic Development Zone; responsible for real estate development and operation, housing leasing, property services, warehousing and distribution of goods; responsible for investment, development, construction, management and capital of modern industrial system construction and project services of the Economic Development Zone. Operating; undertaking the management of the Economic Development Zone and providing services to the enterprises and institutions of the Economic Development Zone.

Park Culture

Guided by the scientific concept of development and the idea of circular economy development, and based on the concept of "five integrations" of product projects, public works, environmental protection, logistics distribution and management services, a modern industrial park with balanced production and ecology, harmonious development and environment will be built.

Product Project Integration

On the premise of energy-saving, environmental protection and sustainable development, we will focus on the development of five major industries: comprehensive chemical industry, iron and steel metallurgy, new materials and new energy, equipment manufacturing and electronic information. Through the coupling development of industries, a complete industrial distribution and efficient recycling of resources in the upper, middle and lower reaches can be formed, which can reduce resource consumption, unit energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution, realize circular economy and improve economic efficiency.

To implement unified planning, centralized construction, unified management and centralized supply for supporting public utilities, and to form a "water supply, power supply, heat supply and gas supply" integrated public utilities island, providing reliable domestic water, industrial water, steam and industrial gas services to enterprises with high efficiency and low cost, so as to achieve intensive management.

 "Integration" of Safe Ecology

 Adopting advanced clean production technology and environmentally sound treatment technology, centralized treatment of production, domestic wastes and sewage of enterprises is carried out, unified management and monitoring are carried out, and an integrated clean production environment is formed to maximize environmental protection and minimize pollution discharge.

 Integration of Logistics Distribution

Relying on the advanced technology, professional facilities and strict management of professional logistics companies, integrating the logistics distribution functions in the opening area, establishing a complete public logistics transportation network, such as waterways, railways, highways, public pipelines, warehouses and so on, to provide the safest, most convenient and most economical logistics distribution services for enterprises.

Integration" of Management Services

In accordance with the project approval authority of national economic and Technological Development zones, the "one-stop approval, one-stop service" procedure is adopted to obtain project approval in the development zone, simplify the work process, improve the efficiency of approval, and provide efficient and convenient services for enterprises.

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