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Chongqing Pengshui Industrial Park


Office building of Chongqing Pengshui Industrial Park Management Committee and Industrial Company


South bank built up area of Pengshui Industrial Park, Chongqing

Chongqing Pengshui Industrial Park was approved by Chongqing Characteristic Industrial Park Planning and Construction Leading Group in January 2006 (No. 1 of Chongqing Industrial Park Leading Group [2006]), with a planned area of 7.6 square kilometers and a start-up area of 4.3 square kilometers. Located in the two-hour economic circle of Chongqing, the park is situated in Group 1 of Lushan Residential Committee of Baojiazhen, Pengshui County, 180 kilometers from the main urban area of Chongqing, 18 kilometers from Pengshui County, and across the park are the Chongqing-Huaihua Railway, the Chongqing-Hunan Expressway and the "319" National Highway.

Since the construction of the park in July 2009, it has completed the construction of Railway Connecting Road Bridge and Yujiang No. 1 Bridge; built 170,000 square meters of houses, including 100,000 square meters of standard factory buildings, 40,000 square meters of low-rent houses and 30,000 square meters of science and technology incubator buildings; built 8.9 kilometers of roads; built 21 kilometers of municipal pipeline network; built water works (0.66 million square meters of daily water supply). 10,000 tons), sewage treatment plant (0.3 million tons per day), residential settlement of Guiyuan Road on the south bank and flood dike on the South Bank of Yujiang River will be built, and flood dike on the north bank will soon be built. The completed area is 1.6 square kilometers.

In September 2015, according to the requirements of Pengshui County Committee and county government, the Industrial Park implemented the working mechanism of "corporatization operation", abolished the institutions subordinate to the management committee, and assigned part of the functions and responsibilities of the management committee to the industrial company in the park. At present, the park management committee has approved two administrative staffing members, which are responsible for the decision-making of the park's major issues, the research and deployment of key work, and the grasp of the development direction of the park. The Park Industrial Company is now equipped with five leading members, nine departments (General Department, Internal Audit Department, Finance Department, Investment Department, Party and Mass Service Center, Land Management Department, Engineering Management Department, Property Management Department, Safety and Environmental Protection Department) and one subsidiary (Pengshui Taian Industrial Co., Ltd.) with 78 employees.

By the end of June 2018, there were 37 entities in the park.

ndustrial Planning

Pengshui Industrial Park is at the core of improving industrial competitiveness and product added value, making full use of Baojia Industrial Park's superior traffic and location advantages, and actively integrating into Chongqing's industrial development system. In order to create an important industrial cluster in southeastern Chongqing with reasonable layout, complete functions, beautiful environment and integration of production, life and ecology, we should make rational planning, optimize and improve the industrial structure and layout according to local conditions. Highlighting the development of agricultural by-products, food processing, garments, textiles and other manufacturing light industry as a supplement, in the park to establish a modern leisure food industry agglomeration base, to create a set of product research and development, processing and manufacturing, market transactions, logistics support, commercial and residential support and other functions as one of the "ecological industrial park".

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