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Chongqing Xiushan Industrial Park


Xiushan Industrial Park small and Medium Enterprise Incubation Park


Xiushan Industrial Park, founded in September 2006, is a characteristic industrial park in Chongqing, with a planned total area of 40 square kilometers. It consists of "three gardens and a group", "three gardens", i.e. A comprehensive park, B Longchi Silicon Industry Park, C Meijiang Agricultural Products Processing Park."One group is a mine composed of Miaoquan, Qingxi and Rongxi districts. Industrial clusters.

Among them, the overall planning area of Zone A comprehensive park is 10 square kilometers (processing trade gradient transfer key undertakes 4 square kilometers, expanding area 6 square kilometers). The Park mainly focuses on the construction of zone A comprehensive park. According to the "1+2+X" industrial development system of county government, it mainly focuses on the development of pharmaceutical and food processing industry and intelligent equipment manufacturing industry. We should also give consideration to the development of environmental protection building materials manufacturing, consumer electronics, textile and garment weaving industries and other special industries. The planned area of Area B is 3.5 square kilometers. It mainly develops deep processing of industrial silicon. The planned area of Zone C is 10 square kilometers. It mainly develops agricultural by-products and forest products processing. The planned area of the mineral industry group is 16.5 square kilometers, which mainly develops intensive processing of mineral resources.

Address: No. 182, North Section of Huangyang Avenue, Wuyang Street, Xiushan County, Chongqing City.

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