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Chongqing Xiushan (Wuling) Modern Logistics Park


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Chongqing Xiushan (Wuling) Modern Logistics Park is the first listed regional logistics hub, city-level key logistics park and China's logistics demonstration base. In 2017, it was jointly assessed as "National Model Logistics Park" by the State Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Land and Resources and the Ministry of Housing and Construction. From 2014 to 2017, it was awarded "National Excellent Logistics Park" for four consecutive years.

The park takes "Buy from Wuling, Sell to the whole country, Buy from the whole country, Sell in Wuling" as its general idea, takes "Base on Xiushan, Serve Wuling, Radiate the whole country" as its development concept, and plans to cover an area of 6 square kilometers. The first phase of the park covers 35 square kilometers, with an investment of about 9.8 billion yuan. It takes the specialized market as its core, railway logistics as its focus, and warehousing and distribution as its backing. To build a multi-functional comprehensive logistics park, which integrates the functions of transaction, distribution, warehousing, processing and exhibition.

By 2020, the park will have an annual freight volume of 15 million tons and a market transaction volume of 50 billion yuan. It will be a window and platform for the regional business and trade logistics center in Wuling Mountains, Chongqing Radiation and the development of Wuling Mountains.

Phase I Industrial Development

Xiushan (Wuling) Modern Logistics Park has a total planning area of 6 square kilometers, of which the first phase is 3.5 square kilometers and the expansion area is 2.5 square kilometers. At present, specialized market area, railway logistics area, urban distribution area, warehousing area, headquarters economic area and chemical product park have been built, covering an area of 2.8 square kilometers.

1. Professional Market Area: The core and essence of Xiushan (Wuling) Modern Logistics Park, with the overall idea of "Buy from Wuling, Sell to the whole country, Buy from the whole country, Sell in Wuling", is positioned as a 10 billion-grade wholesale market cluster in Wuling Mountain Area, and more than 100 specialized wholesale markets with 800,000 square meters have been built.

Railway Logistics Zone: Covering an area of 0.5 square kilometers, it has built 3 million tons of strategic loading and unloading points, container transfer stations and long and dumb freight yards. Large quantities of goods can seamlessly enter warehouses and trading markets. Xiushan (Wuling) freight center and warehousing and distribution base have been built to give full play to the advantages of rail-bus intermodal transportation and reduce logistics costs. To make it a transit center for bulk cargo supply in Wuling Mountains.

Chemical Industry Park: It covers an area of 0.47 square kilometers and has built a chemical industry park with 1.35 million tons of converted products per year. A special railway line for chemical products with 11 kilometres commissioned will be built. Oil products storage area, liquefied petroleum gas storage area and chemical products storage area will be built. Chemical products turnover base and specialized storage area will be built in Wuling Mountain Area.

Storage area: covering an area of 0.55 square kilometers, 300,000 square meters of grain storage, standard storage and intelligent storage have been built. Refrigerator and special storage are being constructed. They are rated as "China's five-star warehouse". They provide supporting services for the professional market of the park and become regional warehousing bases in Wuling Mountains.

Urban distribution area: covering an area of 0.35 square kilometers, positioned as urban distribution, freight forwarding and third-party logistics market and integrated market. With the urban distribution area as the center, we should improve the county, town and regional distribution network, coordinate the development of logistics distribution in Wuling Mountains, build logistics standards in Wuling Mountains, and ensure that the logistics mission will be achieved.

Logistics Processing Zone: covering an area of 0.3 square kilometers, positioned as logistics processing, circulation packaging, product research and development, has built a logistics distribution center to provide ancillary services for the park, improve product added value, logistics warehousing quality and logistics distribution efficiency.

Headquarters Economic Zone: covering an area of 0.2 square kilometers, Wuling Mountain Enterprise Headquarters Base, Business Incubation Park, Central Business District, Conference and Exhibition and Logistics Information Center, supporting the construction of international brand star hotels, to create "Wuling International Commodity Trade Fair" and other exhibition brands.

Supporting area: covering an area of 0.27 square kilometers, construction of public supporting facilities and residential areas of logistics park.

Phase II Industrial Planning

The area of Xiushan (Wuling) Modern Logistics Park Phase II is 170.65 hectares, all of which are urban construction land. The Phase II is divided into six functional areas, namely, freight storage area, urban distribution area, bonded functional area, commercial service area, living supporting area and ecological isolation area. Build twelve core functions: cargo distribution function, cargo transfer function, distribution function, logistics processing function, port function, commodity inspection, logistics information service, logistics financial service, e-commerce service, logistics consultation and training, emergency logistics function, production and life service function.

Park Address: Zhonghe Street, Xiushan County, Chongqing

Contact information: tel: 023-76895888

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