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Chongqing Xiushan Xinglongao City-level Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park



Chongqing Xiushan Xinglongao Municipal Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park is located in the south of Xiushan County, 11 kilometers away from the county town. Chongqing Municipal Agricultural Commission approved it as a municipal park in 2012, with a total planning area of 86 square kilometres, involving 18 villages in 4 towns and streets. It consists of three major plates: core area, expansion area and radiation area, of which 10 square kilometres are core area and 36 and 40 square kilometres are expansion area and radiation area. The total population of the region is more than 46,000, and the labor force accounts for nearly 55%.

In recent years, nearly 300 million yuan of capital has been invested centrally, the infrastructure of the park has been greatly improved, and the industrial base has grown rapidly.

Facilities are basically connected. The main road, industrial road, production sidewalk, pedestrian road and other road systems are more than 50 kilometers. The drainage and irrigation network is more than 60,000 meters. The daily water supply of 30,000 tons waterworks will be put into operation by the end of 2018.

Industrial concentration is linked. Centralized circulation and regulation of land nearly 10,000 mu, continuous development of high-quality tea, high-yielding Camellia oleifera, ecological fruits and vegetables, authentic Chinese herbal medicines and flowers and seedlings, industrial base size of 15,000 mu.

The main bodies of the market work together. The bright reality and future of Rural Revitalization in the park are constantly attracting and stimulating all kinds of market operators to compete for development, accommodating (revitalizing) nearly 50 kinds of business entities.

Link to the interests of the masses. The planning and construction of the park and the demonstration site for Rural Revitalization drive 80% of local farmers and 100% of poor households to work nearby every year. Quantitative confirmation of collective assets in core areas, testimony of land transfer and equity pilot of financial support funds have laid a material foundation for the regional "three changes" reform, and are actively exploring effective ways for state-owned enterprises to promote village-level collective economic development and help farmers to increase their income and become rich steadily.

In the next stage, the main task of the park is to continue to implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party, vigorously implement the strategy of rural revitalization, constantly improve the quality, improve the content of science and technology, and enhance demonstration drive. On the one hand, we should take the road of "successive and threefold" industrial integration and development, build an idyllic complex and create a "national AAAA-level tourist attraction"; on the other hand, we should focus on the development, processing, storage and logistics of tea, oil tea and Chinese medicinal materials in Wuling Mountain to build a characteristic agricultural demonstration base in Wuling Mountain and create a strong leading industry. Build "National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park". Through three to five years of efforts and perseverance, we can truly make the regional industry a promising industry, make the regional farmers an attractive occupation, and make the regional rural areas a beautiful home for living and working in peace and contentment.

Address: Xinglongao Village, Meijiang Town, Xiushan County, Chongqing

Office Telephone: 023-76860668

Contact person: Molong (Deputy Director of Xiushan County Agricultural Committee)

Contact number: 18908277253

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