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Chongqing Shizhu Industrial Park


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Shizhu Industrial Park standard workshop industrial incubation building

Chongqing Shizhu Industrial Park is a characteristic industrial park approved by the Municipal Government in January 2006. Its approved area is 5.27 square kilometers. Based on the abundant resource advantages of our county, Shizhu Industrial Park focuses on cultivating green health products, medicine and medical services, clean energy, machinery and equipment, electronic information and other industries, according to geographical location. It is divided into three zones: A, B and C.According to the needs of urban expansion, relocation is being carried out steadily in Area A; Medical and medical services, green health products and electronic information industries, mainly processed by Coptis chinensis, Tujia coriander and leisure food, are being developed in Area B; and mechanical manufacturing, mainly composed of electric vehicles, motorcycle parts and steel structures, is the main layout in Area C. New material processing, clean energy and other industries with wind power equipment as the main part. Since its formal construction in March 2007, the infrastructure construction of Area A and Area B has been completed in an all-round way to meet the conditions for enterprises to be stationed. At present, the construction of roads, bridges and embankments in Area C has been completed, which can basically meet the needs of enterprises under construction and commissioning. The standard factory buildings in the park have been delivered to enterprises for use of 220,000 square meters, and the newly planned 50,000 square meters standard factory buildings in Area B of Shizhu Industrial Park are being accelerated. Up to now, there are 61 enterprises in the park and 42 enterprises in operation. In 2017, the park has completed a total investment of 2.154 billion yuan in fixed assets, accounting for 102.6% of the target tasks for the whole year. The total industrial output value is about 10.34 billion yuan, of which the planned industrial output value is 8.34 billion yuan, accounting for 104.3% of the target tasks for the whole year.

Park Address: Southern Community of Wan'an Street, Shizhu County, Chongqing (Area A and B), Baishu Community and Jinzhang Community of Xialu Street, Shizhu County (Area C)

Contact number: 023-73333036

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