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Chongqing Wuxi Industrial Park


Wuxi Industrial Park in Chongqing is a Chongqing characteristic industrial park approved by the Municipal People's Government in April 2007. It is also the key undertaking of gradient transfer of processing trade in Chongqing, with a planned area of 1.37 square kilometers. In accordance with the overall layout of "one park, three groups"+ "one industry park" (i.e. Phoenix group, Jianshan group, Huatai group, Wenfeng-Gulu industrial park), the park gradually forms the principle of differentiated and characteristic development of each group, and makes overall planning and coordinated development. Up to now, 33 enterprises have been introduced into the park.

The Phoenix Group is located in Zhonghe Village, Fenghuang Town, Wuxi County. Relying on the existing clothing, plasma station, Wugu food, Bashan Jiayao and potato deep processing projects, it mainly distributes small and medium-sized enterprise incubator gardens (cultural creativity ,Wenchuang, Chuangke), green food, medicine, textile, educational equipment, automobile and motorcycle machinery accessories and other industries.

Jianshan Group is located in Dabao Village, Jianshan Town, Wuxi County, relying on existing marble processing, shoemaking, etc. It mainly distributes agricultural products processing, stone processing, medicine, shoemaking and other industries.

Huatai Group is located in Huatai Township, Wuxi County, relying on location advantages, mainly laying out the warehousing logistics industry, creating a logistics park integrating transportation, warehousing, handling, packaging, circulation processing, modern logistics information processing and other functions.

Wenfeng small and medium-sized enterprise base relies on existing beef jerky, Yuxing building materials, Kunlin, Longfeng technology, Miaotian fruit and vegetable, mainly layout Lint products processing, green food, shoemaking, freezer cold chain and other industries.

Based on Wuxi's resource advantages, Chongqing Wuxi Industrial Park highlights a major industry of "Green Food Processing Base", focusing on green, organic and pollution-free agricultural products such as potatoes, alpine bacon, cattle, goats, konjac, crisp plums, traditional Chinese medicines, Eagle tea, etc. to develop intensive green food processing industry by chain and cluster. Making great efforts to make "Green Food" a landmark brand and striving to turn the green food industry into a billion-grade industry within 3-5 years; on this basis, we will coordinate the development of marble processing, Lint products, clothing and shoemaking industries, form a new pattern of "1+N" industry, and focus on forming two 500 million-grade production of marble processing and clothing and shoes. Industry has taken a new path of transformation and upgrading of industrial parks with Wuxi characteristics. By 2021, we will strive to increase the number of enterprise households in the park to more than 50 households, the total output value of the park to about 2.5 billion yuan, the number of enterprise households in regulation to more than 20 households, and the output value of enterprise in regulation to more than 1 billion yuan.

Address: 3 Zhonghe Village, Fenghuang Town, Wuxi County, Chongqing City.

Contact number: 023-51633002; 023-51531063 (fax)

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