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Wushan Industrial Park, Chongqing


Panorama of Wushan Industrial Park


Wushan Industrial Park standard workshop

Chongqing Wushan Industrial Park was built in 2007, which is divided into Vocational Education Park and Chuyang Park. Through scientific planning, rational layout and optimization of resource allocation, the park has developed in capital construction, investment attraction and enterprise services.

Vocational Education Park

The Vocational Education Park is located in the suburb of Wushan County, 2 kilometers east of expressway, 3 kilometers south of Yangtze River pier and 15 kilometers west of Wushan Shennufeng Airport. It covers an area of 0.1 square kilometers. Construction started in November 2007. It was completed and put into use in July 2009. It invested 386 million yuan, built standard factory buildings of 124,600 square meters, and built 31,000 square meters of office buildings, staff dormitories, canteens and other logistic service rooms. At present, vocational education parks have 31 garment and footwear industry, clocks and watches manufacturing, agricultural products and medicinal materials processing enterprises (including 5 regular enterprises above the scale), employing more than 3000 people perennially, effectively alleviating the pressure of stable employment of migrants, and making positive contributions to the development of county economy. Vocational Education Park focuses on the development of labor-intensive industries such as textile shoes and clothing, clock and watch electronics, and processing of characteristic tourism products.

Chuayang Park

Chuyang Garden is located in Muoping Town, Wushan County. Located at the exit point of Muoping in Mt. G42, it started construction in 2015. The planned area is 3.51 square kilometers. It has obtained 667.7 mu of land requisition approval and completed land requisition of 316 mu. Having completed the construction of Lehe Home Resettlement House, Sewage Pipeline Network Phase I, South Section II Road and Slope Support Project, Water, Electricity, Gas and other infrastructure supporting facilities, the construction of industrial wastewater treatment plant has entered the final stage. Chuyang Park focuses on the further processing of agricultural and sideline products, genuine Chinese medicinal materials, new building materials and other industries.

Address: No. 100 Ping'an Road, Gaotang Street, Wushan County

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