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Chongqing Dinjiang Industrial Park


Panorama of Industrial Park


Panorama of Industrial Park

Chongqing Dianjiang Industrial Park is located at the exit of Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway Dianjiang exit point. It is a Chongqing municipal characteristic industrial park confirmed by the announcement of the National Development and Reform Commission. It is one of the key undertaking bases of gradient transfer of processing trade licensed by the Chongqing Municipal Government. It is also an industrial base of clock timing and precision processing in Western China (Chongqing). The County Industrial Park and Chengxi, Gao'an, Yantai and Chengbei four industrial development agglomeration areas constitute the industrial development pattern of the five groups of "one garden, four districts" in the whole county. The total planning area of the park is 23.8 square kilometers, and the area under construction and completed reaches 8 square kilometers. It has 350,000 square meters of standard factory buildings, 4,000 mu of reserved industrial land and commercial land. The land is 1000 mu. The park has been stationed in Tiansheng Pharmaceutical Group, Hong Kong Precision Clocks and Watches, Chongqing Jieli Wheel Hub, Shanxi Lihu Glass and other nearly 200 enterprises.

Chongqing Dianjiang Industrial Park will take the "Internet plus" action plan and "made in China 2025" as the path to seize the opportunity of the national industrial restructuring and the development of strategic emerging industries, transform and upgrade the traditional manufacturing industry, and cultivate strong new industries. The five industrial clusters of environmental protection, energy saving and new materials should develop, play the leading role of leading enterprises, attract matching follow-up and accelerate industrial agglomeration.

Automobile and motorcycle parts industry: focus on the introduction of automobile and engine parts, transmission, clutch, electronic control system, axle, steering gear, frame, interior parts and other automobile parts production projects and motorcycle assembly and key parts production projects.

Clock timing and precision processing industry: focusing on the introduction of clock timing instrument parts manufacturing, machine core assembly and product assembly, intelligent wear product production, precision instruments and accessories manufacturing, processing and assembly, jewelry processing and other items.

Biopharmaceutical industry: focus on the introduction of genetic engineering drugs, antibody engineering drugs, blood products, vaccines and finished drug production projects; rehabilitation equipment, health care equipment, hospital equipment and other production projects; in vitro diagnostic reagents, medical and nursing consumables, operating room special disposable aseptic consumables production projects.

Environmental protection and energy-saving industry: focus on introducing energy-saving and environmental protection technology and equipment, high-efficiency energy-saving and environmental protection products, recycling of renewable resources and other projects.

New Material Industry: Emphasis is placed on the introduction of ceramic matrix composites, special metal functional materials, high-end metal structural materials, polymer materials, electronic glass, new building materials, stainless steel and other projects.

With comfortable living environment, perfect infrastructure, rapid industrial development, fast and convenient transportation, excellent land use conditions, preferential investment policies and abundant characteristic resources, Dianjiang is a hot land for your entrepreneurship, a paradise for leisure and a treasure land for your home.

Welcome to Dianjiang, pay a visit and invest to make a fortune!

Park Address: No. 5 Chaoyang Road, Guiyang Street, Dinjiang County, Chongqing

Contact number: 023-74681556

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