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Chongqing Dianjiang Modern Agricultural Park

Chongqing Dianjiang Modern Agricultural Park, also known as Modern Agricultural Comprehensive Demonstration Project Area, covers Xinmin Town Qiqiao, Lingyun, Shuxin, Mingyue, Xinmin, Maohe, Shixian; Shaping Town Biqiao, Li Bai, Hongqi, Letian, Jianan, Zhuji, Hexagonal, Baiyang, a total of 15 villages and 84 communities, covering an area of 20 square kilometers. Since its establishment in 2013, it has built a rice seed production base of 0.41 million mu, a high-yield demonstration of high-quality rice of 0.6 million mu, a facility vegetable of 0.20 million mu, a facility fruit of 0.3 million mu, and a high-efficiency flower seedling of 0.6 million mu. Infrastructure has been improved, 13,000 mu of high-standard farmland has been built, 5 km of rivers, 3 small reservoirs and 81 outlets of Sanpingtang have been renovated, 5 km of roads have been built in the new park, 34 km of irrigation pipeline network have been built, 3 agricultural machinery cooperation organizations have been set up, and 10,000 mu of machinery operation service has been carried out all year round.

Innovation ability has been strengthened. A research and development center has been built in the garden of Zhongyi Industry and Municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Breeding bases and demonstration bases for new varieties have been established, and high-quality grain and oil breeding, breeding and promotion have been integrated. 75 new varieties of peony and cherry have been introduced into the peony and cherry blossom world, and 0.05 mu of germplasm garden and 2000 mu of entertainment and catering bases for ornamental flowers have been successfully established. National 4A scenic spot; Haibo Garden introduced 5 varieties of colored osmanthus and established 1000 mu of colorful pastoral base; Overseas Chinese East American Company cooperated with the Municipal Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences to establish 300 mu of Dendrobium candidum base and traditional Chinese medicine health culture base. Leading enterprises gathered, a number of agricultural enterprises such as one industry, golden ear seed industry, cherry blossom world, Lotianhua Valley and Weihuang have been stationed successively. A number of agricultural main bodies such as Baiguo Garden, Dingyue, Tasting, Longzhiye and so on have developed well. Service organizations such as Jiatian Agricultural Machinery have developed rapidly, and 46 new agricultural main bodies have been nurtured accumulatively. The construction of new villages has been accelerated, with 130 million yuan of financial funds invested, and four beautiful new villages have been built. A new countryside featuring livable ecology, efficient production, beautiful life and harmonious humanities has been initially built.

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