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Kaizhou Puli New Industrial Zone is an important part of the development of the Yangtze River Economic Zone and Chengdu-Chongqing Urban Agglomeration, an important growth pole for the coordinated development of “Wanzhou-kaizhou-yunyang” region, a main battlefield for Kaizhou's new industrialization and urbanization, and a strategic fulcrum to enhance Kaizhou's comprehensive strength.

Puli Industrial New Area is located in the Puli River Basin in the south of Kaizhou District. It is only one mountain away from Tiefengshan in Wanzhou District. After the construction of the Puwan (Changsha to Tiancheng in Wanzhou) urban expressway (tunnel) is completed, the whole area of Puli New Area will become a city with a population of 2 million after it merges into Wanzhou. The planned area of Puli New Industrial Zone covers six towns and townships, including Chankou, Zhaojia, Changsha, Nanmen, Yuexi and Wutong. The planned area is 70 square kilometers in the long term, 50 square kilometers in the medium term and 40 square kilometers in the near future. In the near future, three groups of Changsha, Lingang and Zhaojia will be built. At present, the planning areas of the three groups have all been incorporated into the overall urban and rural planning of Kaizhou. The area of the built-up area has reached 10 square kilometers. Major projects such as the "three horizontal and five vertical" main roads, Puwan Tunnel and North-South Expressway in the planning area are accelerating.

Puli New Industrial Zone adheres to the concept of "production-city integration and ecological model", focuses on the development orientation of "ecological Green Industrial Park and landscape-city-park integration new zone", devotes itself to the construction of Chongqing's agricultural product processing base, Chongqing's industrial supporting base, the whole city's labor economy and the demonstration base for undertaking industrial transfer, and strives to build it. National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone of the level of 100 billion.

Puli New Industrial Zone has initially built up four traditional pillar industries of "household building materials, food processing, textile clothing, energy" and "4 + 3" characteristic industrial system of "electronic information, medical health, automobile supporting" three emerging industries. The New District plans to build five leading industrial parks, including textile and garment, electronic information, medical and health, automobile matching and household building materials. Up to now, 102 enterprises have been stationed in the new area.

Address: Zhaojia Street, Kaizhou District, Chongqing

Contact information: 023-52556000


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