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Chongqing Tongnan National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park



The National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park in Tongnan District of Chongqing covers 111 administrative villages (communities) in 6 towns, including Xiaodu Town, Tangba Town, Tai'an Town, Baizi Town, Chongkan Town and Shuangjiang Town, covering an area of 480 square kilometers. The core area of the National Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone covers most of the regions. It is in a strategic supporting position in the planning and layout of modern agriculture development in the region, and its economic and social strategic position is prominent.

With lemon as the leading industry, the industrial park has developed a concentrated lemon planting base of 160,000 mu, with an annual fresh fruit output of 205,000 tons. A complete lemon industry chain has been established, which integrates technology research and development, seedling cultivation, moderate scale standardized planting, intensive processing, cold chain logistics and market development.

Focusing on the function orientation and creation goal of the industrial park, the next step will be "two bases (high standard lemon base, demonstration base of intelligent lemon boutique garden), three centers (lemon virus-free seedling breeding center, lemon engineering technology center, international lemon trading center), four systems (standardized production system, processing cold chain logistics body). Focusing on the construction of "Department, Brand Marketing System, Science and Technology Support System" and "Large Cluster" (Lemon Industry Processing Cluster), we will focus on the construction of modern lemon industry system, production system and management system, and vigorously promote research and development, green production, intensive processing, brand marketing, cold chain logistics, wisdom information and popular science and technology innovation of lemon industry. Integrative development of Italy, socialized services and integrated whole industry chain with rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Overall layout of production, processing, logistics, research and development, demonstration, service and other functional sectors, promote the highly concentrated and efficient allocation of resources and elements to industrial parks, do a good green industrial chain, do a fine processing chain, strengthen the marketing chain, do a good job of interest linkage chain, do a lively financing chain, do a wide functional expansion chain, and build industrial parks into a country. Modern Agricultural Industrial Park Demonstration Park and Chongqing Lemon Ten Billion Industrial Chain Quality Demonstration Park, Characteristic Benefit Agricultural Demonstration Leading Area, International Ecological Lemon Capital Demonstration Area.

By 2019, the whole industry chain of lemon, such as production, processing, logistics, R&D, demonstration and service, will be deeply integrated, and modern elements such as land, capital, science and technology, talents and information will be gathered more. The planting area of large-scale and standardized lemon bases in industrial parks has reached 250,000 mu, with annual output reaching 380,000 tons, annual processing lemon reaching 300,000 tons, realizing agricultural output value of 3 billion yuan, processing output value of 10 billion yuan, and the ratio of processing to production reaching 33:1.

By 2025, the annual processing rate of lemons in industrial parks will reach 400,000 tons, with a processing ratio of 80%. Agricultural output value will reach 4 billion yuan, processing output value will reach 20 billion yuan, and the ratio of processing to production will reach 5:1. Drive the lemon planting base area of the whole region to 500,000 mu, achieve annual output of 1 million tons, annual output value of more than 30 billion yuan. To create new experiences for cultivating new momentum of agricultural and rural economic development, industrial parks should be built into leading zones of advantageous and characteristic industries, integrated zones of modern agricultural technology and equipment, integrated development zones of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and incubation zones of entrepreneurship and innovation for new managers.

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