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Chongqing Tongliang High-tech Development Zone


Tongliang high tech Zone


Panorama of jiangjiayan area in high tech Zone

Chongqing Tongliang High-tech Industrial Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as Tongliang High-tech Zone) formerly known as Chongqing Tongliang Industrial Park, is one of the first 16 provincial-level characteristic industrial parks approved by Chongqing Municipal Government in 2002. It was approved as a municipal high-tech zone by Chongqing Municipal Government in June 2016 and a national high-tech zone in December 2017. The key support zones for national recycling transformation (only one in Chongqing) and the first batch of national demonstration zones for industrial transformation and upgrading. In 2017, Tongliang High-tech Zone realized a total industrial output value of 55 billion yuan and a planned total industrial output value of 38 billion yuan. The output value of high-tech industries accounted for 48.8%.

Industrial Planning: Tongliang High-tech Zone adheres to the planning concept of "green, ecological and garden", optimizes the urban ecological environment, and the planned area of Tongliang High-tech Zone is 50 square kilometers. In accordance with the development model of "one district, two groups" and guided by big data and intellectualization, we will focus on building JINGDONG Cloud Intelligent Manufacturing Base, new energy "three power" industrial cluster, new material industrial cluster, import substitution industry of automobile parts and components, and initially form Jingdong, China Automobile Group, Jill Science and Technology, Tianqi Lithium Industry and Qinglan Industry. Industrial clusters with leading enterprises such as industry. Build a business incubator, Shuangyuan Create Space, Star Create Heaven and Earth and other "Double Create" platforms;Establishment of enterprise service centers in high-tech zones with complete functions and complete supporting facilities, establishment of service commissioner system with personnel in place and authorization in place, realization of "nanny-style", "whole process" and "one-stop" service, establishment of entrepreneur Advisory Committee in high-tech zones to provide advice and decision-making for planning, layout and industrial development of high-tech zones; District schools, hospitals, parks, shopping malls, water and electricity pollution and other ancillary services have improved. In 2018, Tongliang High-tech Zone has 60 national high-tech enterprises, 180 scientific and technological enterprises, 4 top 500 enterprises in the world (Magna, Amit, Sumitomo Electrician, Sumitomo Electrical Apparel), 230 municipal key new products and high-tech products, 4885 authorized patents, 4 academician experts and post-doctoral research workstations, and 4 municipal-level enterprises. There are 8 scientific and technological service platforms, 35 research and development platforms and 11 technology centers for municipal enterprises.

Development orientation: Tongliang High-tech Zone focuses on six industrial clusters: rail transit manufacturing, automotive parts, new energy and new materials, big health, intelligent manufacturing, ecological agricultural products processing, accelerating new industrialization, accelerating the formation of "one district and six parks" industrial development pattern, and promoting the integration of production and city development.

Industry system: conforming to the three major development trends of global manufacturing industry: greening, intellectualization and service, aiming at building a green industry system with national influence, basing on the local industrial foundation and advantages, optimizing industrial innovation chain, expanding industrial chain, building innovative industrial clusters, and making every effort to build rail transit manufacturing and automobile industry Advanced manufacturing industries such as automotive parts, new energy and new materials, big health, intelligent manufacturing and ecological agricultural products processing are the pillars of the new green industry system with modern service industry as its supporting.

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