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Chongqing Bishan High-tech Industrial Development Zone


Chongqing Bishan High-tech Industrial Development Zone was established on the basis of Bishan Industrial Park approved by Chongqing Municipal Government in December 2002. It was approved by the State Council (State Letter No. 175) in September 2015 and established as the second National High-tech Zone in the city.


In recent years, Bishan High-tech Zone has been adhering to the concept of "innovation-led, integrated development" and the development logic of "innovation+capital = new power", vigorously promoting the development of intelligent equipment, information technology, life and health industrial clusters. Successively won the "national new industrialization demonstration base", "National Low Carbon Industrial Park (pilot)", "Internet +" collaborative manufacturing demonstration zone, "innovative industrial clusters (pilot)" and other national name cards, successfully incorporated into the core construction area of Chongqing National Innovation Demonstration Zone, becoming the first batch of intelligent chemical industry in the country. One of the industrial parks is included in the regional pilot units of science and technology service industry of the Ministry of Science and Technology. In the witness of the heads of state of China and Italy, "Sino-Italian Innovation Industrial Park" has settled in Bishan.

In the first half of 2018, the total industrial output value was 32.34 billion yuan, an increase of 13.7% over the previous year. Regularly, the growth rate of industrial added value reached 12.6%. Investment in fixed assets was 13.29 billion yuan, an increase of 11%, of which industrial investment was 12.44 billion yuan, an increase of 5.6%. The built area covers 21 square kilometers with 1056 enterprises entering the park and 225 industrial enterprises (excluding military industry). Up to now, high-tech zones have 71 municipal innovation platforms, 2 state-level enterprise technology centers, 244 science and technology enterprises, 96 high-tech enterprises, 7 bull antelope enterprises (Cattle antelope enterprises refer to those enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, whose sales revenue has increased by more than 30% annually for two consecutive years and reached more than 5 million yuan in the latest fiscal year.) and 5 gazelle enterprises (Gazelle enterprises refer to those enterprises with core independent intellectual property rights and original technology, whose sales revenue has increased by more than 40% annually for three consecutive years. In the last fiscal year, the sales revenue has reached more than 30 million yuan or the net profit has reached more than 4 million yuan or the valuation has reached more than 100 million yuan). Regularly, 25% of enterprises set up municipal R&D institutions, 1.12 billion yuan of R&D investment in high-tech zones and 4.4% of R&D investment. The output value of high-tech industries accounts for 45%. Chongqing Military-Civil Integration Collaborative Innovation Research Institute was established, and four specialized research institutes of new energy automotive technology were established.

By 2022, the planned industrial output value will be 500 billion yuan. According to the "512+1" plan, 50 one- billion-level, 10 ten -billion-level and 2 hundred-billion-level projects will be introduced and nurtured, and 10,000 small and micro enterprises of science and technology type will be incubated and introduced. The "1 + 10" collaborative innovation system is basically mature, with R&D investment accounting for 5.5%, and more than 40% of regulatory enterprises have established high-end R&D centers. The built-up area has been expanded to 45 square kilometers, making Bishan High-tech Zone an innovative leading area for Chongqing's transformation and upgrading.

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