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Chongqing Nanchuan District Business Logistics Park


Tiansheng Pharmaceutical Project

Chongqing Nanchuan Business Logistics Park is located in the eastern part of Nanchuan City, which is the junction of Chongqing and Guizhou. The "five high and three railways" meet here. It is also adjacent to Nanchuan Railway Freight Transport Center Station and comprehensive transportation transfer hub. The park is planned to cover an area of 5 square kilometers with a total investment of about 5 billion yuan. It takes the development of market clusters, e-commerce, modern logistics and other modern business and trade services as its leading role, and strives to build a business and Trade Service Center in southern Chongqing, northern Guizhou and a new town in eastern Nanchuan.

Since the start of construction in 2010, the park has introduced a number of projects, such as Shenjia Fortune Time, Yilian Nanchuan Building Material Home Auto City, Fenglv Agricultural Products Wholesale Logistics Market, Flower and Wood Wholesale Market in Southern Chongqing and Northern Guizhou, and Jinfoshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Logistics Distribution Center. Up to now, the park has invested 4.9 billion yuan and built 400,000 square meters as the main body of the market.Among them, Shenjia Fortune Time has built 210,000 square meters, and has signed residential agreements with Yuexing Group, Chongqing Auto Exhibition Center and other enterprises; Yilian Nanchuan Building Materials Home Auto City has completed 140,000 square meters market, introducing e-commerce industrial park, express logistics park, building materials home, automobile sales, etc., and now it has been fully operated; The product wholesale logistics market has been completed in 43,000 square meters, and has stationed in more than 140 enterprises. In 2018, the park will start construction of Jinhua Sports Park, Yangliuxi Wetland Park, Nanchuan District Public Logistics Distribution Center, Chinese Medicine Preliminary Processing Center, Nanchuan District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Nanchuan Middle School, Science and Technology Museum and other projects to gradually realize the integration of production and city, forming a collection of public management, business, scientific and technological innovation, quality. Residence and other functions in a highly complex ecological Eastern New town.

Industrial Planning

According to the requirements of dividing districts on the basis of function , it was divided into four parts. First, the Shilei Road is a market cluster area to accelerate the implementation of upgrading and transformation of e-commerce Industrial Park and express logistics park; second, the South Street Extension Road is a residential and living service area, promoting Shenjia with high quality and high quality. Tianfu Town, Jinhua Garden, Huashan Nanyuan B District, Huashan Nanyuan A District residential district construction; third, Huarong district as warehousing and logistics area; Fourth, build station economy around transfer center and railway passenger station. Promote the construction of urban and rural infrastructure and public service facilities as a whole, enhance the comprehensive service function of the city, and realize the mutual promotion and integration of industrial development, urban construction and population agglomeration.

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