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The overall planning area of Gangqiao Industrial Park of Yongchuan High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Chongqing is 30 square kilometers, including 22 square kilometers of industrial zone and 8 square kilometers of urban supporting zone. The industrial zones are divided into the starting zone along the Yangtze River, the Songji Development Zone and the Shaanqiao Development Zone. Among them, the new urban area is about 2.3 square kilometers and the industrial area is 10.7 square kilometers. At present, the development scale of the whole park is about 13 square kilometers.

The West Third Ring Highway has two underpasses in the park, and most of the road network in the park has been built and opened to traffic. Yongchuan Port Area is planned to cover an area of 4.25 square kilometers. It is constructed in three phases with a total investment of 8 billion yuan. There are 12 berths planned, including 8 container berths and 4 special berths. Liwen Wharf was put into operation in 2008. One gas gathering station with daily gas supply of 300,000 cubic meters and 260,000 square meters of indemnificatory housing will be built in the park. Build a 220 KV substation.

According to the working guidance of “prosper industry and strengthen people’s livelihood” from the District Committee and the district government and the five pillar industrial cluster planning, Gangqiao Industrial Park mainly develops three leading industries: paper and paper products, wood and wood products, and new materials. At present, there are 60 enterprises in the park, 37 enterprises have been built and put into operation, 15 enterprises are under construction, and 8 enterprises have been signed not yet constructed. Among them, 28 enterprises are regulated. In 2017, the total industrial output value was 16.4 billion yuan, and the fiscal revenue at the corresponding level was 517 million yuan, of which 254.6 million yuan was taxed by industry and commerce, and 11.824 billion yuan was invested in fixed assets.

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