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Chongqing (Jiangjin) Modern Agricultural Park


Liangjiang art and agriculture project area


Cordyceps cultivation base

Chongqing (Jiangjin) Modern Agricultural Park started construction in August 2009. It is the demonstration window and main battlefield for Jiangjin to promote agricultural modernization and urban-rural integration. It has been awarded "National Demonstration Base of Agricultural Industrialization", "National Agricultural Products Processing and Entrepreneurship Base", "National Agricultural Science and Technology Park", "National Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park". ” "City-level Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration Site", "Chongqing Expert Service Base" and other titles and names.

 Traffic Location

Located in the hinterland of Jiangjin, the park is 15 minutes from the main city of Jiangjin, 40 minutes from the main city of Chongqing and 1 hour from Jiangbei International Airport. The Chongqing-Luzhou Expressway, the Third Ring Expressway, the Jiangjin-Guizhou Expressway and the Hechuan-Bishan-Jiangjin Expressway, which are about to start construction, will converge here. The best area for developing modern agriculture in Western Chongqing is to form five interchange zones in the core area, covering all the parks, and the Yangtze River Golden Waterway.

Planning layout

The Park covers an area of 120 square kilometers and has now transferred 61,000 mu of land on a large scale. It has realized the scale and intensification of land, and formed five characteristic industrial bases, including high-quality grain and oil, late-maturing citrus, vegetables, flowers and seedlings, and characteristic breeding (livestock, poultry, aquatic products). At present, according to the construction standards of the National Agricultural Park, the park vigorously promotes the development of the pioneer Heshanping, Ciyun Diaojia and Longhua Yanba.

Promoting the status quo

Since the start of the construction of modern agricultural parks, the construction and development of the parks have been continuously promoted around the work of attracting investment, developing characteristic industries, improving infrastructure, building rural leisure tourism and improving the quality of life of farmers in the parks. Now 73 leading agricultural enterprises such as Luneng, Liangjiang Agricultural Farmers and Jincheng have been introduced to settle in and cultivate 203 new business entities; nearly 20,000 mu of late-maturing citrus standard orchard has been built, 35,000 mu of Super-high-yield demonstration area of rice has been started (including 2,000 mu of core demonstration piece), 6,000 mu of pollution-free vegetables, 5,000 mu of pepper, 5,000 mu of flower nursery, and characteristic aquatic products with yields 3000 mu.

The Park attaches great importance to land consolidation, road and water infrastructure construction, and integrates funds for comprehensive agricultural development, land consolidation, high-standard farmland and small-scale water conservancy construction, and concentrates on the park. At present, 145 kilometers of rural highways, 135 kilometers of production sideways, 20 small-scale reservoirs have been renovated, enterprises have been guided to build irrigation water sources such as Tianma Lake and Qianzihu Lake, 22 new Shanpingtang have been built, 116 Shanpingtang have been renovated, 20,000 mu of land has been comprehensively developed and renovated, and 182,000 square meters of farm houses have been completed. It has greatly improved the infrastructure conditions of the park.

Enterprises in the park pay attention to the introduction of agricultural science and technology talents. There are 20 leading enterprises in science and technology. They have built seven national Agrometeorological test stations and other scientific and technological research and development service platforms, and 17 demonstration bases for agricultural science popularization.

In accordance with the development concept of "Garden to Garden, Park to Scenic Spot, Product to Gift, House to Guest Room", the park highlights the goal of maintaining rural scenery and rural characteristics, and carries out the construction of supporting facilities for rural tourism reception. More than ten special sightseeing parks have been built and opened, and the first "rural marathon" and the first rice field music festival have been successfully held in Chongqing. It is estimated that more than 1 million tourists will be received annually, and tourism will bring in 200 million yuan of income.

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