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Chongqing Baisha Industrial Park


Aerial photo of Baisha Industrial Park


Jiangxiaobai workers are checking the equipment

Founded in 2011, Chongqing Baisha Industrial Park is an important part of Jiangjin Industrial Park. The overall planning area of the park is about 15 square kilometers. It is a characteristic industrial park at Chongqing municipal level, a national agricultural product processing base, a mechanical processing base in Chongqing, a national rural enterprise innovation park and a selenium-rich agricultural product processing zone planned by the government of Jiangjin District. It focuses on the development of deep processing, mechanical processing and new types of agricultural by-products (selenium-rich food). Three characteristic industries of materials. The park has superior traffic conditions, with 28 kilometers of Yangtze River Gold Waterway, close to Chongqing Circumferential Expressway and Simianshan Expressway. The Chongqing-luzhou Expressway and Chongqing Third Ring Expressway pass through the park. The construction of Baisha Yangtze River Bridge and Hebijin Expressway has been officially launched, and other major infrastructure projects are being accelerated. Railway freight stations and wharfs are joined seamlessly to form the advantages of "waterway-highway-railway" intermodal transport. In the future, the advantages of comprehensive transportation and logistics will be more prominent, and the advantages of location will be prominent.

In recent years, the park has focused on the development of agricultural by-products (selenium-rich food) deep processing, mechanical processing and new materials three major industries. More than 140 industrial projects including Jiangxiao Liquor Industry, Jiaowang Natural Products and Sanyi Food have been introduced, with an investment of more than 17.1 billion yuan under the agreement. In 2017, the total industrial output value was 5.52 billion yuan, including 3.85 billion yuan for large-scale industries; 3.87 billion yuan for fixed assets investment; and 230 million yuan for tax revenue.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, under the guidance of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party, Baisha Industrial Park will conscientiously implement the five development concepts, adhere to the development of the first priority, closely around key industries such as agricultural and sideline products (food) processing, mechanical processing and new material processing, and strive to create production. A modern industrial new area with obvious industrial characteristics, perfect urban functions and suitable for industry, living and tourism.

Address: 666 Zengguang Avenue, Baisha Industrial Park, Jiangjin District, Chongqing

Contact information: 023-47338068

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