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Chongqing Shuangfu Industrial Park


Shuangfu International Agricultural Trade City

Chongqing Shuangfu Industrial Park is located in the northernmost end of Jiangjin and the western suburbs of Chongqing. Its overall planning area is about 70 square kilometers. It is the most convenient transportation area in the Second Ring Economic Zone of Chongqing. The park is 10 kilometers from the inner ring of Chongqing, 20 minutes by car; 50 kilometers from Jiangbei Airport, 45 minutes by car. At present, Shuangfu New Area has three expressways, Chengdu-Chongqing, Jiuyong and around the city, with four expressway exits, namely, horse-walking, three boundary, Shuangfubei and Shuangfunan.At the same time, Chongqing Rail Transit Line 5 and Line 17 will set up stations here; Chongqing-Kunming High-speed Railway Jiangjin Station to be built will be set up in Shuangfu Park, which will form a perfect three-dimensional traffic network integrating highway, light rail and high-speed rail. Shuangfu Industrial Park takes the coordinated development of "the same city, blend in city, the production city" as its three cities. It mainly invests in automobiles and motorcycle parts, electronic information, Internet of Things, robots, financial backstage, business logistics, intelligent manufacturing, urban construction, old-age maintenance, leisure tourism and modern service industries.

Chongqing Second Ring Road is a perfect automobile production base. At present, Shuangfu Park has been stationed in more than 400 industrial enterprises, 124 Enterprises above the scale. Among them, more than 160 automobiles and spare parts supporting enterprises, more than 10 automobile 4S stores and 9 branches of Chongqing Automobile Management Institute provide municipal authority vehicle management services. China Chefu builds an on-line and off-line automobile service supply system, and China Core Ruomu Intelligent Automobile Research and Development Center promotes the transformation of automobile industry to high-end intelligent manufacturing, which makes Shuangfu form Chongqing. Second Ring is the most perfect automobile base which integrates production, scientific research, sales and service.

Chongqing Second Ring Road is an important professional market gathering area. Four professional markets in Shuangfu Industrial Park has been put into operation in Chongqing Shuangfu International Agricultural and Trade City, Herun International Automobile and Motorcycle City, Panbao Steel Market, Yingli Hardware and Electrical City and other; the main body of the western water heating and fire fighting market has been built. In 2017, Shuangfu Industrial Park has realized a circulation of 50.14 billion yuan, and has become an important specialized market gathering area on Chongqing Second Ring Line.

It is Chongqing’s second "college town". The park has six institutions of higher learning, including Chongqing Jiaotong University, Chongqing Public Transportation Vocational College, Chongqing Energy Vocational College, Chongqing Transportation Vocational College, Chongqing Telecom Vocational College and Chongqing Urban Construction Technical School. There are more than 60,000 teachers and students in the park, and more than 200 majors are opened. In recent years, relying on university resources and industrial advantages, Shuangfu Industrial Park has built a number of innovative platforms, such as "expert workstation for academicians of Jianxi University", "Jiangjin District Science and Technology Creation Center", "West Silicon Valley Town", "College of Telecommunications Vocational College Students'Business Incubation Park" and "College of Energy Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center", to promote the entrepreneurship enterprises and universities. Benign interactive development of "industry, University and research".

It has beautiful forest lake city area. Shuangfu Park is located in the flat valley area between Zhongliang Mountain and Jinyun Mountain. It has more than 20,000 mu of forest and more than 10 large ecological lakes in Jinyun Mountain. At present, seven listed companies are investing in Shuangfu, they are Hengda Jinbi World project build by Hengda Group,Hengda Helath Maintenance Vally build by Hengda Health Group, Zhongjun Yongjingwan Project build by Zhongjun Group, Zhongliang Capital project build by Zhongliang Group, New Town and Yulin Yun Project build by Xincheng Holdings, .The project of Blue Light, Chongqing Fruit-swordsman Planet Theme Eco-cultural Tourist City build by SiChuan Blue Light HeJun Industrial Co. Ltd., attracting Fuju Shanggu Gushu Ancient Residential Tourist Park and other urban tourism projects to invest in this area, a high-quality development and high-quality life of the "production city integration" demonstration area, livable and industrial "Happy City" is taking shape.

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