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Chongqing Changshou Modern Agriculture "Three Gardens"


A corner of 3500 cow ecological breeding Park of Chongqing yiniu company


Chongqing Changshou Modern Agricultural Park covers 9 towns and 45 villages. It is divided into three functional zones: modern planting park, Shatian pomelo planting Park and modern animal husbandry park. It is the latest achievement of Changshou District in innovating traditional agricultural development mode and promoting the leap-forward development of agricultural modernization with the concept of "park" for industrial development. Exhibiting the comprehensive platform of characteristic and benefit agriculture and accelerating the effective carrier of agricultural modernization. The Park mainly develops late-maturing citrus, Shatian pomelo, dairy cows, pigs, facility vegetables and flower seedlings industries. Since its launch in 2009, 107,000 mu of industrial bases have been built, and the construction of standardized late-maturing citrus bases and Shatian pomelo bases has been basically completed, with an investment rate of 65%. As of December 2017, 66 enterprises, 70 rural professional cooperatives and 150 family farms have been established, with a total contract investment of 14.269 billion yuan and an investment of 3.7875 billion yuan. Among the 110,000 rural laborers in the region, 16,000 are employed in the park, 54,000 are employed outside the park and 40,000 are employed in big cities. The largest standardized late-ripening citrus base, Shatian pomelo planting base, laying hen breeding base and cultivation recycling agricultural base in Chongqing have been built, and they have been awarded the first batch of national agricultural industrialization demonstration base, national agricultural science and technology innovation and integration demonstration base, and national agricultural science and technology park. In 2017, the output value of the park was 3 billion yuan. The coverage rate of the main improved species of animals and plants and advanced breeding technology reached more than 90%, the commercialization rate of agricultural products exceeded 70%, the comprehensive rate of agricultural machinery reached more than 70%, the standardized productivity reached more than 95%, the proportion of agricultural scale operation reached 80%, the coverage rate of pollution-free products reached 100%, and the industrial coverage area of the park reached 100%. The per capita disposable income of rural residents reaches 24,000 yuan.

Established in May 2010, the modern agricultural planting Park covers two towns, Shuanglong Town and Longhe Town, with a planned area of 50 square kilometers and an area of about 60,000 mu of land for agricultural development. Making full use of the climatic advantages of long life, abundant sunshine, abundant rainfall and long frost-free period, we will vigorously develop special industries such as late-maturing citrus, protected vegetables, flowers and seedlings. A total of 28 projects including Ganghe River in Macau and Winterrun in Beijing have been introduced. The contract has attracted 2 billion yuan and built 56,000 mu of various industrial bases. Among them, the largest standardized late-maturing citrus orchard in China of 47500 mu has been built by extensive application of biological, physical technology, soil testing and foliage formula fertilization technology. The high-quality late-maturing citrus such as W. Mercott, Taroko and navel orange are exported at home and abroad. In 2017, the park produced 43,000 tons of late-maturing citrus and 16,000 tons of vegetables, with an output value of 400 million yuan.

Established in December 2010, the Modern Animal Husbandry Park is the first municipal modern animal husbandry Park in Chongqing. It covers six towns, including Xinshi Town, Glan Town, Shuanglong Town, Longhe Town, Shiyan Town and Changshou Lake Town, with a total investment of 3.7 billion yuan and a planned area of 52 square kilometres, including 30 square kilometres of pig plate, 20 square kilometres of cow plate and animal husbandry industry. The plate is 2 square kilometers, and the transferred land area is 11,000 mu. It mainly constructs 300,000 live pigs industry chain, 12500 dairy cows healthy breeding, 64,000 mu of matching fruit and vegetable cultivation, pig slaughtering, feed processing, animal husbandry machinery and other projects. Twenty-eight enterprises, including Wen's, Kainian Food, Chongqing Tianyou, West China Hope and Sichuan Tongwei, have settled in the park successively, including two national leading enterprises, one national professional cooperative and two municipal micro-enterprise incubation parks. In 2017, 270,000 pigs have been sold, 3000 tons of milk , 30,000 tons of eggs has been produced, 210,000 tons of feed and 70,000 tons of organic fertilizer were produced in the park, and the output value was 2.1 billion yuan.

Shatian Pomelo Planting Park was established in November 2010. It covers four neighboring towns: Fengzhen, Changshou Lake, Dandu Town and Duzhou Street. It has a planned area of 62.18 square kilometers and focuses on the development of the nationwide famous Longevity Shatian Pumelo Industry. The park closely focuses on orchards, homes and pastoral areas, takes "industrial construction, infrastructure construction, new residential village construction" as the starting point, comprehensively promotes the rapid development of "modern park, unimpeded park, happy park, sightseeing park", and has transferred 13,000 mu of land. In 2017, Shatian pomelo planted area has reached 75,000 mu, put into production area of 50,000 mu, output special and grade A fruit 55 million, pomelo income accounted for more than 60% of the per capita net income of farmers, to achieve output value of 500 million yuan.

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