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Chongqing Changshou Industrial Park was formed in May 2016 by the integration of Chongqing Yanjia Industrial Park and Chongqing Changshou District Street and Town Industrial Corridor. It is a municipal characteristic industrial park approved by Chongqing Municipal People's Government. It is an important battlefield of new industrialization in Changshou District, an important carrier of new urbanization and an important role in coordinating urban and rural regional development. 

The park has prominent location advantages and convenient transportation. Located in Changshou District in the central part of Chongqing City, the park is near the Golden Waterway of the Yangtze River. It is the only road and water and land transportation hub for the main urban area of Chongqing to East China, Central China and Western Hunan. The Yuhuai Railway, Yuli Railway, Yuyi Highway, Yufu Highway, National Highway 319 and Yuwu Road pass through the park. The 10,000-ton fleet can arrive perennially. Da. The planning and management area of the park is 33.5 square kilometers, which is composed of Yanjia Group, Jiangnan Group, Eight Groups, New City Gram Group and Yunhai Group. By 2017, 217 enterprises had been stationed in the park, with a total industrial output value of 72.1 billion yuan. Among them, 18 square kilometers of Yanjia, Jiangnan and eight groups are managed by Changshou Jingkai District instead of construction.

In recent years, the Management Committee of Changshou Industrial Park has rapidly promoted industrial development and urban-rural co-ordination in accordance with the "one-park and multi-group" development model, and has now formed five major industrial clusters dominated by iron and steel smelting, equipment manufacturing, smart home, Health Science and technology, and electronic information. Up to now, the park has initially built a characteristic industrial park with scientific planning, reasonable layout, perfect supporting facilities, excellent service and beautiful environment.

In accordance with the idea of "factor agglomeration, industrial cluster and service integration", the park will promote employment through industrial development and urban construction, accelerate the construction of Zhongke Future City, focusing on new materials, new energy, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things applications, unmanned science and technology, smart home, ecological and environmental protection and other strategic emerging industries. Scientific and technological innovation and industrial incubation will promote industrial agglomeration and upgrading, build industrial clusters with obvious scale effect, prominent core competitiveness and strong supporting role, and form a modern industrial system with structural optimization, advanced technology, clean and safe, and high added value. By 2020, the park will be built into a first-class demonstration industrial park with industrial output value exceeding 100 billion yuan, a city-wide urban-rural demonstration zone and a national high-tech industrial park.

Address: No. 10 Taoyuan West Road, Changshou District, Chongqing

Zip code: 401220

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Ministry of Investment Promotion: 023-40289137

Ministry of Planning and Development: 023-40289032

Engineering Construction Department: 023-40289236

Ministry of Social Affairs: 023-40289136

Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection: 023-40664032

Asset Operations Department: 023-40289237

Ministry of Economic Operation: 023-40289232

Finance and Finance Department: 023-40464622

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