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Chongqing Banan Higher Vocational and Technical Education City


Cloud Education Industrial Park

On May 11, 2012, the Decision of Chongqing Municipal Committee and Municipal Government on Vigorously Developing Vocational and Technical Education pointed out that the planning and construction of Chongqing Higher Vocational and Technical Education City (hereinafter referred to as Chongqing Higher Vocational and Technical Education City) should, in principle, focus on the newly-built and relocated vocational and technical schools and make them the core area of Chongqing Vocational and Technical Education. Higher Vocational City is guided by four concepts: integration, openness, ecology and wisdom. It is divided into two parts: cloud computing industry park (virtual education) and higher vocational and Technical Education Park (physical education). The planned construction area is about 10 square kilometers, with a permanent population of 250,000, a total investment of 49.5 billion yuan, and 100,000 students. It is planned to build it into a first-class vocational education highland in Western China in 5-8 years, forming the spatial pattern of Chongqing's "Western University City, Southern Higher Vocational City".

Chongqing Higher Vocational College Town is located in Longzhou Wan C District of Chongqing Central Activity Zone (CAZ), connecting with Chongqing South Avenue, Longzhou Avenue, Babin Road, Inner Ring Expressway, Outer Ring Expressway, Rail Line 2 and 3, adjacent to Huaxi, Jieshi, Luohuang and Jianqiao industrial parks, 24 kilometers away from Jiefangbei Central CBD, 48  kilometers away from Chongqing Airport and 23 kilometers away from Chongqing Railway Station, 26 kilometers away from Chongqing port, which enjoys quite convenient transportation.

Chongqing Higher Vocational and Technical City is the "one core, two bases and four centers" strategic layout of Chongqing Vocational and Technical Education. It is an important part of the educational structure of the main city of Chongqing, which is "the College Town in the West and the higher vocational city in the south".

Preliminary completion of the University layout. Seven institutions have been contracted to be introduced into this distrcit , namely. Chongqing Vocational College of Culture and Art, Chongqing Art School, Rongzhi College of Chongqing University of Industry and Commerce, Wuyi Technician College, Chongqing School of Education and Management, Banan Vocational Education Center and Chongqing University's City Science and Technology College. Among them, the Vocational College of Culture and Art, the College of Intellectual Intelligence of Business University and the School of Educational Management have built nearly 20,000 teachers and students. The Wuyi Institute of Technicians and the Banan Vocational Education Center will open in 2018.

Actively introduce functional projects. It has introduced the West Talent Industry Park (a joint project between the Organizational Department of Chongqing Municipal Committee and Banan District, which has been completed), the Nancheng Cultural Center (which will be rebuilt as an art exhibition hall such as Beijing Opera and Sichuan Opera, under construction), and the China (Chongqing) Public Training Center for Vocational Skills (approved by the State Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs, with the second national title).“ China's "National Public Training Center" is under construction, and China Unicom's Southern Communication Hub Building project (the second in Chongqing, radiating the whole southern region of Chongqing, under construction).

In the next five years, the city of higher vocational education will be based on the development orientation of "landscape city style exhibition area, talent gathering demonstration area, new economic development leading area, PPP financing cooperation experimentation area", and create the western vocational education highland and the "Internet +" entrepreneurial capital, and build a modern new city integrating Vocational Technology Education with strategic emerging services. 

College admission policy:

Cost  price for  educational land

According to the nature of educational and scientific research land, administrative allocation provides construction land. The price is not lower than the cost price of land expropriation, and the area is calculated according to the closed range of the central line of the road around the planned plot (land inequality field).

Free provision of supporting public construction

The government is responsible for the implementation of supporting municipal infrastructure construction such as road outside the red line, water supply, drainage, electric power, radio and television, communications, natural gas and so on.

Facilities Sharing Investment Saving

In accordance with the requirements of the "Four Ideas" planning and construction of Chongqing Higher Vocational City, the park will be unified planning, centralized layout, resource sharing and paid use for large-scale venues and other venues with low utilization frequency, so that the school can save land, construction investment and management costs.

Policy Support of Tax and Free and Tax Relief

Land and houses in Colleges and universities are exempted from deed tax for teaching.

Educational rooms in Colleges and universities can be exempted from supporting fees for urban construction, and students' dormitories, canteens and other logistical facilities can be charged at 50% off

Half of the new school education and teaching buildings will be charged for the construction of air defense basement.

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