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Chongqing Banan West Talent Industrial Park


Chongqing Banan West Talent Industrial Park is located in a group of Higher Vocational cities, with a total area of 64 Mu and a building area of 124,000 square meters. The project mainly includes four parts: university teachers and students entrepreneurship park, international e-commerce industry park, talent Industry Park and big health industry park. It unifies planning and construction of urban buildings around talent industry headquarters building, talent service center, talent training center, talent incubation center and talent entrepreneurship base. 

In the next 3-5 years, the industrial park is expected to integrate 8 functions, including recruitment, training, personnel dispatch, scientific and technological services, financial services, academic degree education, cross-border e-commerce, innovation and entrepreneurship incubation. The Industrial Park will devote itself to setting up a platform for college students to start their own businesses and find jobs, helping graduates complete their psychological adjustment and role transformation from college to society, classroom to enterprise as soon as possible, giving full play to the dual advantages of schools and enterprises, realizing resource sharing and complementary advantages between schools and enterprises, and maximizing the enrichment of College graduates. It will be divided into employment and form a regional high-tech talent gathering center.

The Industrial Park has been completed and opened in February 2017. Among them, about 40,000 square meters of office buildings are used for the development of related industries, and industrial investment is being carried out.

Address: No. 672 Yunan Avenue, Banan District, Chongqing

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