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Chongqing Banan Maliuyanjiang Development Zone


Aerial view of Chongqing biomedical industrial park

Located in the eastern part of the main city of Chongqing, the Maliuyangjiang Development Zone in Banan, Chongqing, was established in March 2011. The development industries of the Zone are mainly biomedicine and light industry and textile. The biomedicine industry concentrates on four major sectors: biopharmaceuticals, chemical preparations, modern Chinese medicine and medical devices. At present, the park has introduced more than 40 pharmaceutical projects, with total investment exceeding 30 billion yuan and output value exceeding 60 billion yuan. It has formed a biopharmaceutical cluster represented by wise organisms and Bowei organisms, and a chemical pharmaceutical cluster represented by Athenex Pharmaceutical Base, Shengtan Kerui and Wanquan Pharmaceuticals in the United States, with Wu Shufang and Jiang Mingsheng as its representatives. The modern Chinese medicine cluster represented by Wu and Sichuan New Green, and the medical instrument cluster represented by Huisenchiheng Medical Devices and Cobo Diagnostic Reagents.

The overall plan of Maliu yanjiang Development Zone is 60 square kilometers, including 30 square kilometers for industrial development and 30 square kilometers for urban development. Industrial development land is divided into two regions: Mudong Group and Maliu Group. The plan is to build a biomedical park with output value of 60 billion yuan.

Mudong group: planning industrial land 27 square kilometers, focusing on the development of chemical drugs, biological pharmaceuticals, modern Chinese medicine, medical devices, appropriate development of new health care (Internet + medical, smart medical, precision medical, wearable equipment, etc.), health food and so on.

The land for urban development is 30 square kilometers, creating a city functional area that integrates leisure, entertainment, business and residence.

Maliu Group: Planning industrial land for 3 square kilometers; Focusing on development: chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, new materials.

Address: Mudong Town, Banan District, Chongqing

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