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Chongqing Banan Economic Park


Chongqing Banan Economic Park (formerly Chongqing Huaxi Industrial Park) was established in December 2002. It is the first provincial-level new characteristic industrial park approved by the municipal government. It is located in the south of Chongqing's main city and the core layer of Chongqing's "one-hour economic circle". It is an important part of Chongqing's Jiangnan New Town.

The approved area of the park is 21.73 square kilometers, which is composed of four groups: Huaxi (4.77), Jinzhu (1.71), Jieshi (10.3) and Tianming (4.94). The built area is about 17.5 square kilometers. The Jieshi Group is mainly composed of electronic information, intelligent terminals, electrical equipment, gold and jewelry processing, building industry and headquarters economic industry. It mainly manufactures automobiles, new energy automobiles and core parts.

Up to now, more than 300 enterprises have been stationed in the park, and six industrial clusters have been set up, including new display, motorcycle, high-end jewelry processing, electrical equipment, fast consumer goods, building industry and headquarters economy. In 2017, the growth rate of output value of enterprises in the park regulations was 14.9%.

The economic park is mainly engaged in six major industries:

One is the new display industry cluster represented by Huike Jinyu Optoelectronic LCD Panel 8.6 Generation Line Project, Huike Jinyang Industrial Park, Yingyang Optical Materials and Xinkangyi New Materials.

The second is the automobile and motorcycle industry cluster represented by Chang'an Suzuki, Zongshen Group, Construction Group, Guangyu Company and Merrill Credit Technology.

Third, high-end jewelry industry processing cluster represented by Dawning Hengsheng Jewelry and Zhongjin Jewelry.

Fourth, the fast consumer goods industry cluster represented by Heng'an Paper Industry and Blue Moon.

Fifth, building industry and headquarters economic cluster represented by Shuguang, Nide Metalworking Workshop and Ninghui.

Sixth, electrical machinery cluster with Zhongheng, Hanjia and Boshun as the main parts

Park Address: 88 Fucheng Road, Jieshi Town, Banan District, Chongqing

Contact number: 023-66228308

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