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Chongqing Airport Industrial Park


Chongqing Airport Industrial Park


Chongqing Airport Industrial Park

Chongqing Airport Industrial Park is a municipal characteristic industrial park approved by Chongqing Municipal Government and a provincial development zone approved and announced by the State. Its planned area is 16.79 square kilometers. It is an important strategic platform and carrier for building an air-facing manufacturing base and an international logistics distribution center in northern Chongqing, and for building an air-facing metropolitan area and a national air-facing economic demonstration area. The park is located in the new center of Chongqing's main city and the core area of Liangjiang New Area. It connects the main city of northern Chongqing to the south, Mugu Functional Area of Liangjiang New Area to the north, Jiangbei International Airport to the east, Taoyuan Avenue to the west, and "zero distance" from Jiangbei International Airport and Chongqing Bonded Port Airport Functional Area.Relying on the network system of aviation, waterway, railway, highway and rail transit, the park has convenient and fast transportation and smooth logistics. It has gathered a number of key enterprises such as Kohler, Bosch, Honda, Chang'an Automobile, Yuanchuang, Mobile Phone and so on. It is committed to building an open platform, cultivating and developing aviation industry, modern logistics, intelligent terminals, new energy vehicles and spare parts industries, and making every effort to promote the construction and development of the National Airborne Economic Demonstration Zone. Chongqing Airport Economic Development and Construction Co. Ltd. is responsible for the development and construction of the park.

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